The Most Demanded Profiles in the Video Game Industry

The growth of the video game sector has led to the appearance of more jobs and new professionals, thus giving more opportunities to those who want to dedicate themselves to the interesting and difficult world of video game development, whether for consoles, PCs, or mobile devices.

Do you want to dedicate yourself to this profession and don’t know what degree to study? We tell you which are the most demanded professional profiles in the video game industry so that you have a clear idea of which path to choose.

Most demanded profiles in the videogame industry

The most demanded professional profiles in the coming years in the video game industry are programmers, artists, animators, game designers, and experts in video game marketing and distribution. There are also professions in this sector that require writing skills, so if you used to do my paper for me then this will help you a lot.


Nowadays, the job of programmers is very popular. Computer engineers with advanced knowledge of programming languages (such as C++ or C#) are in demand. In addition, previous experience in the sector is required, as well as the ability to perfectly handle programming languages and master the Unity3D video game creation software.

There are different programmer profiles: GamePlay programmer, artificial intelligence programmer, network programmer, or graphics programmer. All these professionals work in collaboration.

What does a video game programmer do?

In the development of a video game, the programmer is in charge of making all the graphic elements capable of interacting organically with the users’ screen, as well as translating into programming code all the concepts that the game designer has established.


Another profession that is popular among young people is artists. Artists are an essential part of the development of a video game. Very versatile profiles are required, who are able to adapt to the genre and artistic style of the game, who are capable of creating characters, scenarios, and other elements that will be integrated, and who have a high level of English.

As with programmers, there are different artist profiles: sculptor, concept artist, 2D artist, 3D artist, texturizer, illuminator, rigger, level designer, among others. To work as an artist in the videogame industry, you must have an updated portfolio with works to show to game development studios.


These are the people in charge of animating the game characters and creating the various game animations, such as objects and other environmental elements. To apply for a job as an animator, the applicant must have, like the artists, an updated portfolio of work.

Game Designers 

Game designers will be in high demand in the coming years. This profile is the one in charge of developing the Video Game Design Document (GDD), a manual that will guide during all the game creation processes and will serve as a guide for the rest of the team. The importance of this professional is not in doubt, so it is required to be a person who knows a lot about video games, i.e., who has extensive demonstrable experience and deep knowledge in this field.

Among the knowledge you should bring are the following: graphic tools such as Unity3D, 3D Studio Mac, Photoshop, and Flash, among others. He/she must also be able to define the fundamental lines of the video game to the team that will depend on him/her and to keeps track of the KPIs that affect the game industry.

Experts in video game marketing and distribution

Video game marketing and distribution experts are also really important in the game sector. Marketing is fundamental to attracting customers (players who consume the games).

To work in this sector, it is important that the person has an in-depth knowledge of the world of video games, is up to date with the latest developments, and is trained in marketing applied to video games.

Other profiles in demand

In addition to the profiles mentioned above, these are other professionals in demand in the video game industry: soundtrack composer, journalist specializing in video games, audio designer, scriptwriter, or QA Tester (Quality Assurance) expert, among others.