The Witcher 3 Nintendo switch framerates test shows better performance!

The Witcher 3 will finally be released on Nintendo Switch tomorrow, and those who get the game for the console will get an extremely solid port in terms of performance.

A recent frame test video shared by Pixelacos Gameplays shows how The Witcher 3 works incredibly smoothly on Nintendo Switch. While the test only shows areas in White Orchard, it is clear how the game manages to maintain 30 solid FPS while traveling through most areas. Performance is affected in the most demanding areas, such as the marshes near the Nilfgaardian base, but still in line with what we have seen in the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

The Nintendo Witcher 3 switch framerates test shows better performance!
The Nintendo Witcher 3 switch framerates test shows better performance!

In his preview, Chris noted that The Witcher 3 on Nintendo Switch, looks and plays very well, despite the degradation of the other versions

In terms of how close the visual makeup of the other consoles game is, I captured the PlayStation 4 version for some comparisons, but the conclusions will necessarily be limited and preliminary here. We have only 30 seconds of game on the engine to work and some high quality PNG. Despite watching the game coupled, it goes without saying that it pales next to the PS4 game, since it is rendered at native 1080p.

There have been zero compromises in content, with only a few minor in visual fidelity, audio options and a slower loading time than I am used to. I have no doubt that, when released, this will be the best open-world game on Nintendo Switch and possibly the best game in general on Switch. How good it will be for the drums, well, that is something that I will have to discover when I have the game and I constantly play it when I am on the move. When will that be? There is no set date, the goal is still a launch for 2019. I, for my part, cannot wait.

The Witcher 3 launches on Nintendo Switch tomorrow, October 15.