Those Who Remain is arriving soon Nintendo Switch and PS4

Those Who Remain is arriving soon

The Wired Productions Who Who Remain video game is a psychological horror game that will be released at Gamescom 2019 on the editor panel. As part of its lineup, this game will be presented at the event and will then be available for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This enchilada of dark, grim, sandy and mysterious terror also marks a new partnership between Wired Productions and Camel 101, and both companies are delighted, ‘or horrified’ as they say, to bring us this.

Who Remain trailers do not reveal much, but it came with ads from a dark story that will place the player in Dormont, a quiet city where mysterious disappearances occur. The main protagonist of the story is Edward, a man who had everything … a loving wife, a daughter, a beautiful home, the complete American dream. But, all this could not prevent the awakening of a “dark temptation.” Now, loading guns with bullets and looking down the canyon, or looking at an empty whiskey glass is just Edwards time, while a text message activates once more your heart beating and pumping blood.

Those Who Remain is arriving soon Nintendo Switch and PS4
Those Who Remain is arriving soon Nintendo Switch and PS4

When life seems complete, when you really have everything you’ve always wanted … you shouldn’t let some mistakes happen, but they happen. And if they finally do it, they will make everything fall apart.Put yourself in the shoes of Edward, who is on a journey through the darkness towards Dormont. A city that was once so peaceful and sleepy, but is now tormented by secrets, plagues and mysterious disappearances. Escort him in his attempt to return to the light and finally regain control of his normal life again.

“Those who remain will have you on the edge of your seat. The game is full of atmosphere and will surely take your imagination to another dimension. We are delighted to welcome the title and the team to the Wired family and Gamescom. “- Leo Zullo, managing director of Wired Productions.

Those Who Remain Gamescom Reveal Trailer :

About Camel 101

Wired Productions was Founded in 2008 and they are a UK-based company. They won awards for several of their publications including Close to the Sun, Victor Vran: Overkill Edition, Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn, The Town of Light, and others. Camel 101 was founded a year later, in 2009, and they are an indie studio who made us games like Gemini Wars, Syndrome, Mechs & Mercs, and others. This is a passion project of the two companies and Those Who Remain release date is set for after the Gamescom 2019, which is held 20th through 24th August.

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