Tips to Build a Gaming Setup that Lasts

There are a lot of fantastic gaming setups out there, but the ones that withstand graphic updates over the years take the cake. 

Finding the right gadgets that defy the passage of time while also being affordable can be difficult, and that’s why we’ve composed a list of tips to find devices that have proven to last. 

Setups for Every Gamer 

Gaming setups reflect taste and personality; every gamer has a setup that could be completely different from the other. Where some consider themselves professionals, requiring a multiple monitor setup, others might look for more versatile equipment that allows them to use their setups for work purposes. 

In any case, a proper setup can enhance video games, creating an immersive experience that doesn’t compare to playing them any other way.

Having a well-done gaming setup elevates the gaming experience and does wonders for the home. When all the gaming equipment is contained in a single area, it makes the rest of the home much neater and helps us associate designated spaces with specific tasks. 

For example, following Feng Shui, bedrooms must be free of clutter and distractions to evoke a peaceful environment that promotes healthy sleep. Living rooms or home offices, on the other hand, can be divided into specific areas that can be used for entertainment, work, and socializing. 

Building a smart gaming setup is especially useful for people who work from home. Depending on the nature of their work, individuals can purchase equipment that doubles up as a way to play games. For instance, people who work in photography or film editing would greatly benefit from a monitor that can handle intense graphics. 

Finding intersections like this, where a piece of equipment can function in multiple ways, is a great way to get your money’s worth from a product. 

Below are a few tips for finding great gadgets that are right for you.


Although gamers run through PCs like water, a few options exist to extend their life. With the computer chip shortage still in effect, gamers must be resourceful with their equipment and find other options to give their setups the extra boost they need. A good external hard drive is a smart way to curb this issue while also taking advantage of its storage for professional or personal reasons. To ensure that drives don’t get damaged, it’s best to use SDDs (solid-state drives), which are less vulnerable than HDDs (hard disk drives). 


A good monitor is the first step to enhancing an online experience. Although investing in a monitor can be a bit daunting considering their cost, there are several affordable monitors out there that deliver great quality. The trick is to look for LED monitors, which have been proven to last between 80,000 and 120,000 hours. That’s the equivalent of a 35-year lifespan if the monitor is used every day for 8 hours a day. 

There are other simple tricks to make monitors last longer, like turning them off when they’re not in use and lowering the brightness. 

There are many factors to consider when looking for the right monitor (or monitors). On the one hand, gamers might look for a monitor with a high refresh rate to handle their games’ intense graphics. Meanwhile, online gaming fans might prefer monitors that display their exceptional slot games’ paylines in all their grace and glory. Some players even enjoy having their favorite titles at their fingertips and look for monitors with built-in computers to quickly and easily access the internet. These monitors tend to have large, beautiful screens while freeing up a lot of desk space. They’re usually a good option for people who work from home. 

Sound System

Luckily, unlike monitors and computer chips, sound equipment lasts well when properly taken care of. Since this type of equipment is long-lasting, with some items working even after forty years, it’s better to invest in high-quality products. 

Before deciding what to buy, consider the acoustics of the room where you’ll be using the equipment. It’s not necessary to buy all the pieces at once, so take the time to observe the sound quality you get from the system and decide what other pieces of equipment will make a nice addition to your collection. 

The Bottom Line

Finding the right equipment varies from person to person, but certain gadgets prove to be useful for everyone, like equipment that lasts a long time or is multi-purpose. SDDs are the way to go for players who want extra storage without the quirks that HDDs have. Monitors with LED lights last the longest, but it’s also important to keep their brightness low and clean them regularly. 

Finally, don’t go cheap with sound equipment. Speakers can last a long time when taken care of, so they are not something to skimp on.