Top 10 Gaming Technology Trends In 2023

Gaming is a rapidly changing field. Therefore, it is not easy to keep track of all the important changes and predict with satisfactory accuracy how they will affect the industry. However, there are visible trends, the importance of which for the industry in 2023 is beyond doubt. We invite you to get acquainted with them in this analysis if you want to develop gaming technology.


In September 2022, the Asian Games were held in Hangzhou, China, where e-sports were presented for the first time in addition to the usual sports. Competitions on it were held in 8 disciplines at once, including LoL, Dota 2, Hearthstone, PUBG Mobile, and FIFA.

It seems quite realistic scenario that within 5-6 years, eSports will be included in the program of the Olympic Games. And this will be proof of their global recognition. Although already now, the total audience of eSports tournaments is estimated at hundreds of millions of viewers.

eSports is in the trend in recent years due to the fact that it combines the aspect of gaming and technology. His progress is pushing other games to move toward technology. The influence of eSports is felt in popular online games and software for virtual casinos. If you want to look at the current level of iGaming slots, then the collection on SlotsLV is a good example. Just like in eSports, on the site, you have chances to win real money

Cloud Games

The idea of Cloud Games is not new. Developers started working in this direction more than 20 years ago. However, expanding the coverage of 5G networks will breathe new life into it, making it easier for investors to squeak.

The feature of the technology is that it allows you to run games without delay, without using a powerful PC or console. Computing power is provided not by the gamer’s device but by the cloud. As a result, an ordinary user who spends little time in video games does not need to buy expensive equipment. 

Therefore, cloud technologies will dramatically simplify access to games for a wide audience. According to forecasts, this could lead to the growth of the Cloud Games market to more than $8 billion by 2025. 


The development of virtual reality technologies with permanent spaces is one of the most promising trends. Metaverse is getting closer to giving users as much power as the real world. You can read more about the essence of Metaverse using Minecraft as an example in this TheGameRoof article. It is worth saying that permanent virtual spaces are considered a promising direction in eGaming. Many parties are interested in them, so it is worth hoping for rapid progress in expanding the possibilities of VR, AR, and Al.

P2E and Blockchain-Based Gaming

The introduction of blockchain technologies brings complete transaction security to in-game purchases. Additionally, with their help, the developer can implement the possibility for gamers to earn by generating NFTs while playing the game. Although the excitement around non-interchangeable tokens has recently subsided, in 2023, it is not excluded that they will return to the top of popularity.

Return Indie Games to the Top

You’ve probably noticed that Triple-A-level releases in recent years have primarily copied each other because of that, some gamers are tired of monotonous and expensive blockbusters. They are starting to pay more attention to good products from indie developers, which in previous years would have been appreciated by a few interested gamers. A good example is the game Stray, which unexpectedly shot out in the summer of 2022. It’s not just interesting in terms of ideas-the visuals of Stray are also good. It shows that Indie studios are developing parallel with big publishers and can sometimes release competitive products. 

Multiplayer Mobile Gaming

Interest in PUGB Mobile and other multiplayer smartphone games will not run out in 2023. Moreover, we can assume that the level of player engagement will continue to increase. More and more users are showing a willingness to make in-game purchases, and this trend remains steady.

Fitness Gaming

In the past, the idea that video games could be used to increase physical activity levels was considered by many to be naive and untenable. But lately, there has been a shift toward a positive attitude toward fitness games. The game industry is not going to ignore this, so in 2023 we will surely face an influx of releases in the segment of Fitness Gaming.

Cross-Platform Gaming

In recent years, the policy on exclusive products has often prevented the player from launching a number of games on the platform available to him. The reason for the restrictions can be sought in the sharp growth of development costs, lack of technological solutions, and other objective factors. However, the end user is hardly interested in these difficulties. Fortunately, in 2023 we can expect good progress in Cross-Platform Gaming.


Gamers have already ceased to be surprised by news from publishers that another re-release of an old popular game is planned. Remakes find a wide and appreciative audience, which is happy to have an opportunity to feel nostalgic while still enjoying the improved graphics. 

That is why in 2023, the market is waiting for the updated versions of Dead Space, Gothic, and several other titles, which pretend to the cult status. Resident Evil 4 Remake, for which publisher Capcom announced a free VR mode, will be released.

Wearable Tech Market Growth

Smartwatches, handheld consoles, and other small devices can collect data, enhancing and diversifying the gaming experience. Therefore, the degree of inclusion of wearable devices and gadgets in the industry in 2023 will continue to grow, as will the demand for such electronic devices.