Top 5 Roulette Games in Online Casinos

Roulette is one of the oldest and most important games of chance. One of the main reasons this game has become so popular worldwide is that Roulette provides players with extraordinary options to play and score. Keep reading to learn the basics of roulette games online, and we will also show you the most attractive variations to check. Moreover, you will discover possibilities of playing Roulette on handheld gadgets and learn how to benefit from the latest technologies before getting deeper into systems and strategies.

Roulette Rules

Sitting down at the roulette table games, you must first buy chips. Before starting, the dealer announces when it would be possible to start placing bets. Of course, to have a pleasant and successful gaming experience, you must be familiar with all the basic types of roulette wagers. 

In all versions of Roulette, two basic types appear – external and inside bets. The former refers to all other fields on the table, while the latter refers to the fields with numbers. Accordingly, there are several bet types in all online roulette real money variations.

After waiting a certain amount of time for wagering on the desired combinations, the dealer will release the roulette wheel to begin the real money roulette games. After this, you will have a few seconds to put in any additional stakes. At a certain point, the croupier will announce that the betting is done for that round.

The croupier announces the round results when the ball lands on a specific number. After saying the number, and sometimes the suit or other combination, the croupier removes all the losers and pays out the roulette gambling winners. After paying out, the croupier starts the next round, and you can wager again. In any case, you can be free from worrying about your security when gambling online at reputable branded platforms. They employ cybersecurity experts and measures allowing players only to focus on moves, gameplay, and results.

Play your Favorite Roulette Games on Mobile

When the world changed from land to the internet, Roulette lost its appeal for many, but it did not disappear. Try to guess the number or color of the field, and if you are a fan, look for roulette online casinos. You can play any variation of mobile roulette casino using Android, iPhone, and iPad. Also, you can play Roulette online even at minimum possible deposits. We suggest you read reviews of $1 deposit casino NZ and find the best real money roulette casinos accepting small stakes. Games displayed on the site rely on HTML5 technology, which enables smooth running across multiple mobile devices. In areas covered by a 5G signal, you will get an even better gaming experience.

Online Roulette Game Variations

The best online roulette casinos offer many variations that you can play online. Whether you’re on the phone or PC, the sophisticated software allows you to enjoy RNG-powered and live dealer roulette to choose from. Thanks to their attractive gameplay, you can play free roulette games just like enjoying poker or slots with a huge jackpot. Also, after connecting a smart wearable device, players can receive notifications about the game’s outcome or info about prospective bonuses to use on these games.

1. European Roulette

This casino game is the variation from which all other online roulette casino versions were born. Any free European roulette has 37 numbers coloured alternately in red and black, while zero is marked in green. We can notice that the main difference, apart from minor visual and aesthetic ones, is the absence of double zero, which gives a greater chance of wins. It also comes with specifics not found in other versions of Roulette. 

The “La partage” rule dictates that you can get back half of your bets when you lose an outside bet when hitting zero. The “En prison” rule, on the other hand, gives you another chance to get your money back after hitting zero, and the stake remains marked as “in jail”. Winners of the next spin get the money back. Otherwise, the casino will collect it.

Both work in the player’s favor and do not change the statistical advantage, but reduce the house edge for equal stakes (1:1) by almost half, i.e. to 1.35%, from the standard 2.54%, which is why this is one of the most attractive types of Roulette. While such algorithms on HTML5-powered casinos look complicated at first glance, players will get quality results on adaptable screens. All mathematical operations stand behind, and you’ll only use user-friendly interfaces to place bets.

2. Mini Roulette

This version offers more opportunities to get paid. The rulebook remains the same, still granting more fun to each player. Instead of 37 fields, you have “only” twelve. Depending on your skillset and strategy, it is possible to wager at lower or high stakes. The “mini” version is great for brands offering personalized promotions to their players via social networks or platforms like WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram.

3. American Roulette

As its name suggests, it is characteristic of casinos in the USA. The main difference between these online roulette games is the layout of the numbers, as this one is designed to make it all faster. However, one significant difference in American Roulette is the existence of a field marked as double zero, which increases the casino’s advantage over the player. 

As a percentage, it amounts to 5.4 per cent with a double zero. Therefore, American Roulette is riskier, so it would probably be better to avoid it because the odds are higher with European Roulette.

4. English Roulette

Allegedly patented by Blaise Pascal in the 17th century, the English variation hosts a maximum of seven competitors. Also, each player plays with specially coloured chips that can only be used at certain games and are purchased from the croupier.

5. Spingo

Developed by Microgaming, Spingo combines bingo and Roulette. With a payout of 32:1, Spingo is an online game you can occasionally play for added excitement and adrenaline. Spingo benefits from all new technologies and works flawlessly, even on Java-powered platforms. It looks like Spingo is ideally built for mobile while flourishing on their powerful processors and graphics chips.

Roulette Tips, Strategy and Systems

Martingale is very easy to apply. But, after every loss, double your bet. You have won double to recover previous losses and earn more if you get money. When you get money, reset your roulette investment system to default or withdraw. Players can withdraw their winnings via encrypted channels and advanced end-to-end solutions thanks to the latest technologies. This aspect leaves them more time to focus on strategies and winning systems.

The Reverse Martingale Strategy is the opposite of the classic one. Instead of raising the stake after every loss, you raise it after scoring, intending to turn a short lucky streak into a huge win. The essence of the Reverse Martingale strategy is to try to guess the streaks.

The Fibonacci system multiplies odds by the following step in the Fibonacci sequence, which reads: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 155, 233, 377, etc. until scoring when you need to go back two steps, re-enter the figure from two steps ago and so on until you score again. 

D’Alembert’s system is not based on sudden increases and decreases; everything happens slowly in stages. This is why D’Alembert is relatively slow in reaching big stakes and winnings at the best real money roulette sites.


The house is always ahead in all online casino games. However, you can increase your chances of winning using various progressive betting strategies such as the Martingale and Fibonacci systems. Also, variants with only one zero have a lower house edge; therefore, you can play real money roulette online and have higher odds. After meeting all wagering requirements, players can withdraw their winnings via multiple payment methods benefiting from a powerful combination of HTML5 technology and the latest security protocols.