Top 7 tips to become better at Cold War multiplayer

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is another fantastic addition to the already existing world-famous call of duty franchise. COD cold war was released recently on 13 November 2020, and it is the latest addition in the franchise. You can play this game on all platforms as it is available and compatible with PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows PC. 

The multiplayer mode of the cold war is very tough and highly competitive. Knowing the best Cold War hacks will be very useful for you to get the best results. This article will cover the top 7 tips that will help you be a better player at COD cold war multiplayer. 

Counter Slide Firing

Initially, the sliding function in the cold war was not as crisp and clean in the alpha and beta versions compared to the final version. Tactically sliding and firing on the enemies is an outstanding feature that you can use to counter your enemies. If you master this technique, you will be a more challenging target to hit and move a bit faster. 


 Aiming and pre-aiming are the most critical aspects of any first-person shooter game with a multiplayer mode. Pre-aiming will help you to hit your enemies quicker than them hitting you, as the ADS sight of your weapon at least takes up a fraction of a second before you can hit your target. 

Getting advantage of a second in a gunfight is vital as you can deal more damage to your opponent. With a whole extra second, an average player can easily beat even the professional players. 


Knowing your location is very important in a multiplayer game such as the cold war. You can also know the location of your opponents, this will serve you as a great tactical advantage. 

If the enemies know your location, then it is an essential tactic to relocate. This is a tactic where you strategically change your location to gain an advantage over your enemies. 

Peeking and glancing are ideal options than charging straight inside the enemy territory. Opposition players do call out the locations of the enemies, due to which you must change your position after some time. If you don’t change your position after some time, you will qualify as a camper and won’t improve your gameplay.

Head Glitching

This technique is a beneficial tactic that players at every level use. You must find a position where just your head is exposed. This is a valuable tactic for the players that use snipers a lot. Sniping is a difficult task in COD cold war multiplayer as the recoil on the gun is very much. In FPS multiplayer games, players who stay or remain in cover are more likely to be successful as the opponent team pushing to take you out will expose themselves. This is the ideal time when you can easily take them down. Good insight on the favorite spots on the map, along with keeping an eye on sightlines, will also improve your gameplay massively.

Hip Firing

Hip firing on your opponents is the best option for close-range fights with guns that are not too suitable for close-range combat. The best strategy in such situations is to hip fire directly on the opponent and then use ADS to hit the enemy on the chest.

This fighting style is very effective against guns that have a shorter ADS and a faster fighting firing rate. You can also give a drop shot or sliding shot along with the hip firing to increase your effective hit rate. Your one v/s one battle success rate will also increase significantly with this technique. 


Focusing on the jumping of your character is also very important for good players to improve their gameplay. You can jump to quickly hop around the corners to catch your opponents while they are not paying any attention. 

Jumping also distorts the opponents’ aim, giving you an extra split second to give extra hits to your opponent. A moving target or object is much harder to hit in comparison to a stationary target.

Tactical thinking

The Cold War multiplayer game is very fast-paced and has very intense action. Thinking on your feet and using your tactical knowledge while playing competitive multiplayer games such as the cold war.  

Knowing when to push forward and holding your ground is also essential in scoring high scores and winning matches. Approaching the action at a slow and steady pace is always a good option.


The following tips for improving the gameplay in the multiplayer version of the COD Cold War will be constructive for you. If you practice regularly, then you will teach these tips and tricks in your gameplay. You can even go head to head against professional players and beat them at their game with the help of these tricks.