Trials of Mana launching in April 2020

Trials of Mana launching in April 2020

The new version of Trials of Mana will arrive in April 2020, and there are special pre-order opportunities that this revival brings. Square Enix showed the eager rebirth of the popular classic game of the 90s during a Nintendo Direct presentation on September 4. They revealed the platforms and the precise date, as well as some details in the game about characters and other things. For everyone who was born in the ‘80s and raised in the 90s, it will be fun.

Trials of Mana launching in April 2020
Trials of Mana launching in April 2020

The Trials of Mana trailer shows how well things can work out if a remaster is handled properly, and Square Enix is ​​not an amateur. The memorable characters, their polished models but true to the original and the epic soundtrack could make you cry if you played the game as a child, while the gameplay seems clearly improved given the mechanical capacity of the modern era. During the presentation, the developers revealed that the game will arrive for PC on Steam, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Trials Of Mana New Trailer Release

The release date of the trial version of Mana is April 24, 2020
The great expectation intensifies as fans wait for the renewal of this title for decades. The original game was released in 1995 and was titled Seiken Densetsu 3 as a Japanese release. It was developed and published by Square, which we all know today forms half of the Square Enix company.

The game was directed by Hiromichi Tanaka, designed by Koichi Ishii, who is the creator of the series, and had Tetsuhisa Tsuruzono as producer. The artwork was signed by Nobuteru Yūki, a manga and anime artist, and Hiroki Kikuta was on board as a composer. All these names already included people experienced in the field of game development and the game achieved incredible success, even years after its initial launch when it made the transition to the western market.

In 2017, this original game was launched as part of the Seiken Densetsu Collection launched in Japan for Nintendo Switch, and in 2019 we also saw the Mana Collection with this title in its original form. Later that month, they announced that the remake is coming, set for early 2020 and developed for PC, PS4 and NS.

The character models are updated, as the advance of Trials of Mana TGS 2019 suggests, but the recent revelation also showed that players will be able to change classes and participate in a new combat system that will make battles even more epic than before. .

Pre-purchase bonuses of the new version of Trials of Mana come for both the digital and physical editions and will be available before May 21, 2020 for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The bonuses include a Rabite Adornment DLC, an EXP boost which will last until level 10, while the pre-order of the game from the PlayStation Store will come with an exclusive set of avatar, with six game characters. The pre-purchase on Steam of Trials of Mana before May 21, 2020 also comes with the Rabite Adornment DLC and a set of wallpapers.

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