Trustly plans to expand into new markets

The Swedish company has been growing at a steady pace and after 13 years in business, it’s becoming one of the major names in the online casino industry, as one of the most popular payment methods among players who gamble online. The level of convenience this service offers is something that’s hard to compete with and we are witnessing that more are more players choose this company to take care of their payments.

As a result, Trustly processed $21 billion of transactions last year, which is 40 percent more compared to 2019. Of course, we expect that the company will continue to grow in the future and we are pretty sure that this Swedish company has plans to expand into new markets.

One of the reasons for such a growth in 2020 is that we saw a big expansion in the last year. The last year was the first time that Trustly offered its services to online casinos in countries like Australia and Canada. The Australian market was particularly important and we have no doubt it will serve as the basis for future expansion in South East Asia. On the other hand, the Canadian market has brought an additional boost for the conquest of the North American continent.

All in all, it’s easy to conclude that the next year will bring further expansion. At this point, it’s hard to talk about details, but we presume that the focus will be on Asian countries, as well as on the remaining European countries, where Trustly still has to establish its position.

How Does Trustly Work?

Things are quite simple here, and that’s the beauty of this service. Players who choose Trustly as a payment method can land their deposits in just one step. That’s possible because this service performs bank transactions for you. It supports more than 6.300 banks around the world and if your bank is on that list, you can use Trustly with ease.

The way Trustly works is that you only need to enter the username and password of your bank account and this service will do the job for you. So, if you want to make a deposit in a casino, all you need to do is to select Trustly as a payment method. After that, you have to check if your bank is on the list of banks that are supported by this service. If that’s the case, you only have to select that bank and then enter your username and password. By doing this, you will automatically get directed to your bank account and the sum you’ve selected will be added to your casino account.

Besides convenience, the best thing about Trustly is that it’s perfectly safe. Not only that it doesn’t require any personal information, but it doesn’t remember your username and password either. So, every time you want to use Trustly, you will have to enter your username and password again.

What Are the Benefits?

As we’ve just mentioned, the main benefits are speed and convenience. There is no other payment method at this moment that can offer such a level of convenience. Also, more and more online casinos are adding Trustly to their offer of payment methods. So, instead of bothering with things like creating accounts on various e-wallets, or messing with card numbers every time you want to make a transaction, this service allows you to start enjoying online games at once.

At the same time, this method is perfectly safe. The is no such thing as sharing personal information, while the service is regulated by Swedish Government, by a body called Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Another great thing is that you can connect Trustly not just to your bank account, but to various e-wallet accounts as well, including PayPal.