Types of Bets on Bluechip.io

While visiting Bluechip.io India, you can bet on the slots or proceed to sports betting. It is highly recommended to get acquainted with the features of online slots and choose the best strategy for the game to succeed. If we consider betting, it is necessary to study the rules of the selected sport and analyze the last encounters of teams, and the physical fitness of athletes.

To avoid mistakes, it is important to get information about the types of bets. Because of their diversity, you will be able to choose an acceptable option to feel comfortable on the following Bluechip.io India.

Betting in a Virtual Casino

To place bets in the casino, you need to choose the slot of interest. This can be a classic version (777), and a slot machine with a storyline. No less interesting are card tables and roulette.

Gambling in the Bluechip online casino can be enjoyed for free or for money. The choice of mode depends solely on preference, experience, and thirst for excitement.

Free Bets

Betting in free mode is ideal for beginners. However, even experienced gamblers do not mind testing the demo version of the slots. The advantages are as follows:

  • no registration on the portal is required;
  • there is no need to invest money;
  • there is no risk of losing your money;
  • a huge number of games can be played.

Betting in free mode at Bluechip casino is carried out using virtual credits. Demo cents are integrated into the slot, their number can be viewed when you activate the selected game.

When using the free version, all the rules and parameters of the machine are also applicable. That is why it is good for getting acquainted with the nuances of the game and the formation of a strategy without risking your own money.

While making free bets, you can lose virtual credits. Nevertheless, this is not a problem because they are easily recoverable. It is enough to refresh the browser page with the game. In this case, the balance will increase to the original level, and you can plunge back into the world of gambling.

The only disadvantage of the free mode is that all payments remain in the casino fund. However, this is fair because without investing it is impossible to hit the jackpot.

Betting with Money

Betting with money is possible only after registration on the portal. Also, you need to make a deposit in one of the support ways. For example, Bluechip casino India offers gamblers the possibility to use bank cards, such as Visa and Mastercard, as well as electronic payment systems and cryptocurrency wallets. As soon as the deposited amount is credited to your account, you can proceed to the selected slots and place your bets.

Each bet is associated with a certain risk. The fact is that if you fail, you can lose your money. However, if you are lucky, the reward will be a substantial amount. In this case, the money you earn can be withdrawn to the real balance. The main thing is to accumulate the established limits.

The good news is that absolutely all games are available in paid mode. On the other hand, Live entertainment can only be activated for money, free versions are not provided in this case. Accordingly, if you make a deposit, your leisure time will become more diverse.

Also, the advantage of betting for money lies in the emotions you get. Each spin of the reels or the distribution of cards can turn out to be decisive and bring you the jackpot. That’s why you will be overwhelmed by a flurry of positive emotions.

Betting on Sports Events

The online establishment offers customers not only a gambling experience but also betting. A huge number of disciplines are available to you, including cricket, soccer, tennis, basketball, and hockey. High odds are set for all events, so if you make a correct prediction, the account will be replenished with a considerable sum.

Don’t stay away because now you can enjoy both watching your favorite team’s successes and getting paid for your knowledge. If you know the rules perfectly and know how successful the athletes are, you can easily make a correct prediction.

Bet Types

The bets are grouped into several categories. This has been done with the aim to help users make a choice in favor of the option that is most preferable at the moment. The following bets are offered:

  1. Straight. This is a single bet. You can choose only one event, and it must take place to win. For example, a victory of the selected team over the opponent.
  2. Parlay. A combination of bets that are independent of each other. You must correctly predict the outcome of all events in order to receive your reward.
  3. System. It represents a combination of parlays. This bet is risky enough but also profitable. To win, you need to correctly predict all the outcomes.

To minimize risk, the platform offers bonuses, for instance, insuring against unnecessary losses. If you take advantage of them, you can have significant savings on unsuccessful bets.

Live and Prematch Modes

Betting on the Bluechip.io portal is possible in several modes. This opportunity attracts a huge number of bettors. To make a deal, it is enough to go to the category with standard or live betting.

Live Betting on Sports

Live betting on sports is carried out in real-time, that is, in the course of the game. The odds change frequently and depend on the events taking place on the field. You need to choose the most successful moment to make a deal.

The following developments may trigger changes in the odds:

  • injury to an athlete;
  • a replacement of the main squad of the team;
  • a yellow or red card in soccer;
  • scoring a puck in hockey;
  • a successful technique in MMA.

There can be many reasons behind the increase/decrease in odds, so you need to have a smart approach to betting in Live mode and know all the intricacies.

Pre-match Betting

When visiting the casino online, go to the Sports section to place bets in the prematch mode. The bets are made strictly before the event. There are fixed odds on them. If you are satisfied with the values, just click on one of them. The event will automatically be added to the ticket. Then you need to specify an acceptable amount and agree to the deal.