Types of Online Games That Rocked the World This Year

Video games are one of the most popular sorts of entertainment and it has been like that since the moment they were created.

Besides being incredibly fun and addictive, online games also enable players to connect with their friends, family, or random people located in different parts of the world.

Of course, some games are more popular than others. Let’s take a look at some of the game types that rocked the world in 2021.

Cross-Platform Games

As the name says, cross-platform games allow you to play using different gaming platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, or your personal computer.

What’s more, they even support playing with friends who do not use the same console as you do, and that is one of the main reasons why cross-platform games are so popular. This genre offers amazing graphics and animation, and with new technological trends and updates, they keep getting better year by year.

Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Minecraft are some of the most popular cross-platform titles out there.

Role-Playing Games

In role-playing games, the players enter a whole new world designed for them to interact with and move about as they please. The players also have the option to fully customize their characters and enjoy a unique gaming experience.

It is probably the most creative gaming genre out there, both for the game creators and the players involved. It also provides the players with more freedom than the other types of games do.

Some of the most popular RPG titles are The Witcher, Fallout, Final Fantasy, etc.

Simulation Games

Simulation games are the ones that mimic reality. The players’ virtual game lives resemble real life with all its day-to-day activities. The game can be dedicated to any aspect of life such as running a business operation or even building an entire city.

Simulation games are both visually and cognitively stimulating because the players get to see their accomplishments which gives them a feeling of satisfaction.

The most famous game within this genre is Sims which is still as popular as ever after more than 20 years since it was released.

Online Casino Games

Online casinos are incredibly popular as they allow you to play all the games that are usually available in regular casinos, without actually leaving the comfort of your home. You can play them using your computer, or even your smartphone. And another good thing that comes with it is that some online casinos offer bonuses and free spins where you can win real money.

Before you start playing online casino games, make sure you choose a reliable platform that offers various options you can try out. For example, you can play a great variety of games here. Numerous popular slots, and different live games are always fun to check out.

Massive Multiplayer

Massive multiplayer games are built around one idea, and that is for users to compete against other players around the world in real-time. The genre is quite famous and players tend to get really passionate about their progress.

Since the games are always played against real players, and not against the computer, massive multiplayer games have large online communities and the players have a chance to meet each other and chat.

World of Warcraft and League of Legends are the two most famous examples of massive multiplayer games.

Strategy Games

Strategy games require the players to actively use their minds and think about ways to move forward through the game. The theme can be anything from forming a new civilization to managing a battle strategy.

Whatever the game setting is, the players must take care of multiple components at once because neglecting one or two will make them lose the game.

Strategy games seek a lot of focus and involvement from the players. One of the best examples of the genre is the Age of Empires.

Arcade Games

The genre of arcade games is one of the oldest ones available, and it is suitable for younger players, too. Years ago, people used to go to gaming places to have fun and play arcade games with their friends.

Today, arcade games are available online and fans have the opportunity to compete with some of the best players around the world. Arcade games are simple to learn and play, but being the best requires skill.

The addictive component of arcade games is in the fact that you can practice and set new records yourself and try to stay on top, or work hard to break someone else’s record and become number one.


Video games are all around us, and people of all ages love them in one form or another. With hundreds of genres out there, everyone can find a fun and exciting game to play.

We hope this list of the most popular types of online games in 2021 helped you discover some new games that will keep you hooked for a while.