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Unique Minecraft House ideas 2021 | Minecraft House Tutorial

One of the best things about Minecraft is the ability to build something extraordinary. What’s the best way to show off your distinctive style when building a Minecraft house? While houses range from simple to detailed and can tailor to any theme, you can dream of, in this guide, we take a look at Minecraft’s house ideas.

Are you looking for some unique modern Minecraft house ideas 2021? Here are some of our favourites, minecraft house designs. 

You should reserve some time, some resources, and some love because building a house in Minecraft is not an easy task.

Building a house in Minecraft takes time, but it doesn’t beat the feeling you feel when you look out the window from the confines of your comfortable cabin or marvel at the views from your hilltop hideaway. Minecraft house ideas will save you time and effort, so you can spend more time enjoying your new paint and less construction time.

If you are new to modern architecture, these types of houses should be characterized by simple, straight lines. They deviate from massive decorations and taste and often feature large glass windows. The overall impression must be clean and efficient.

If you have been waiting to build your own unique house in Minecraft, but you are not sure how to start, we have put together a set of 10 modern Minecraft house designs.

Types of Minecraft House Ideas and Designs

  • Minecraft Wooden Houses
  • Minecraft farms
  • Minecraft underground homes
  • Modern Minecraft Homes
  • Minecraft tree houses
  • Japanese Minecraft Houses
  • Tuscan House
  • Ice Spike Mini Home
  • Mountain Hut
  • Ice Spike Mini Home
  • Abandoned House At Sea
  • Desert House
  • Modern Beach House and many more



Wooden Minecraft Houses Designs

These Minecraft watches are primarily perfect examples of how to create a beautiful home without spending days collecting exotic materials!

The first Minecraft house on our list comes from YouTuber WiederDude, which shows us how to make a dazzling and attractive house in the early game made almost entirely of wood and glass.

Sometimes it is the right way to do things. Wood and stone are the bread and butter of Minecraft, so many startup houses rely on these two resources. Then take a look at this. Greg Builds Minecraft house, which offers a step-by-step, block-by-step demo of creating a surprisingly spacious Minecraft house.

Minecraft House: Farmhouses

If you are looking to build a standalone Minecraft farm, these beautiful Minecraft houses will provide you with everything you need to grow as much food as possible.

This beautifully designed JUNS MAB Architecture farm stands above most other Minecraft farms, thanks in large part to the impressive modular design of small square farms. There’s also plenty of room inside the foundation to expand later if you like!

Underground House ideas

Who said Minecraft’s secret rules should be ugly? These sunken houses are amazing, functional, and relatively easy to build as long as you follow the lessons below!

Folli brings us the first underground Minecraft house, where you can enter and exit the four main directions. Soft Glowstone and simple motifs give this underground base a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Modern Minecraft Houses Designs

If the cabin is not your style, there are also many modern Minecraft house designs to choose from Materials include stone, slabs, and clay to form a modern crib, with large glass windows and a balcony to absorb the landscape. Modern houses take longer to plan and build, so you need to be loyal and smart. We love this modern home design with its floor-to-ceiling glass walls and a picturesque landscaped garden with grass hedges and a meandering lake.

Another construction from JUNS MAB Architecture, the impressive Minecraft house, will definitely stand out from the crowd, with the right spine running, giving a distinctive look and the ability to expand later.

Minecraft SMALL MODERN HOUSE Designs

If you want to get away from the usual, following the new path has potential. This type of house will stand out like a red thumb in the typical Minecraft game, but if you’re on a server that has more than one city world, you’ll fit right in! I’m a big fan of the modern look, so this type of house is in my hallway. This design maintains clean lines and abandons any ceiling. It also uses black and white to give it a fresh, modern look. The central vertical area is a great feature that offers you a division between the rooms but also adds a great visual touch. If you want to know how to create this, watch the video below!

Tree Houses Design in Minecraft

Now let’s take a look at some great examples of tree houses in Minecraft. Again, it’s mostly wood, so that can build it too soon!

One of the many classic buildings in the Minecraft world is the treehouse. In many ways, it’s a childhood dream for many gamers, and it can finally come true. Treehouses can be very rustic and cabin-like, or they can be very modern like this by AnuTCS.

The best vital forest for building a treehouse in the forest, but if such a neighbourhood is not close enough, a fake tree can be built to mimic an ordinary tree. Once the foundation falls, the house can be made on different levels branches to give the illusion of the tree that grows around the house.

An intricately designed treehouse created by Glowstone’s YouTube Shock Frost that hangs from tree branches and curly roots that give the entire tree a visually appealing look.

Japanese Minecraft Houses Ideas

If you’re like me, you’ll love the look of the distinctive little Minecraft houses inspired by traditional Japanese architecture.

If you are looking for a quiet house, intricately built with vibrant, traditional colours, this Japanese Minecraft house is quirky to build. Made of paved pebbles, acacia logs, wood, and sandstone, they can be surrounded by trees cast with pink wool. As long as you have the necessary supplies, you can get a quiet Japanese house by working on Minecraft in no time.

Japan’s first Minecraft inspired by TheBlackBeltPanda, is easy to build and host in a single 16×16 building block! Check this sliding door too. Excellent work, panda.

Desert Minecraft House Design

Deserts are known to be one of the most hated and vital areas of the game. Because there are no other plants and structures, it is helpful to live in a desert. Furthermore, food is difficult to obtain when vital desert areas are the world’s spawn. However, after a good start, there are some significant structures for construction.

Using the different types of sandstone available, houses like this are highlight through Antonio_M8 in the dynamic area. It even looks like a vacation home with a balcony on the second floor, airy and the number of windows that slightly open the house. It is also a nice touch to add some plants to give it a dry brush.

Minecraft Oceanside Castle

In general, there are two types of players in Minecraft: those who love to build small and subtle houses and those who like to go entirely inside and become rulers of their lands. It may be a good idea to take up the challenge and do something different to change. By varying size and style, new construction methods can be learned and adopted.

Building a beautiful mansion with real estate like DTH217 here, from gardens to dungeons and a lighthouse could be all the inspiration for a survival game that’s starting to go out of style. The project is not only challenging but also requires a lot of planning and gathering the right resources.

Minecraft House Mountain Hut Design

MINECRAFT HOUSE IDEAS Flatland is not always an ideal place for a home. When it comes to a perfect location, the sky is limitless. It is sometimes built in areas where it may seem impossible to imagine a house that could be the ideal place for a home.

This little log cabin that hugs the side of a mountain and actually goes up the mountain is an ideal place for a youth survival house. Also, it is very easy to find mountains, so you just need to choose your favorite and start building.

Minecraft Ice Spike Mini Home

Minecraft contains some unique vital areas, including a scarce but aesthetically beautiful dynamic area. This cold, snowy biomass is filling with icy stalactite-like structures that soar skyward. And yes, it can become intolerable homes, just like DrillTrill did.

However, one may notice that the ice is melting with nearby torches. In contrast, End Rods is much better lighting and also suits the overall style of the building. No one will suspect that a single snowmobile is someone’s home, but even if they do, they are likely to be extremely impressed by the pain or theft of its content.

Minecraft Tuscan House

Minecraft house ideas With so many blocks and different colour schemes available, it would be a shame not to take advantage of them as much as possible. However, knowing what to mix and how it is essential. Similar colours but different styles often lead to surprisingly good results, like this Tuscan-style house from Ajax Ibrahim.

The best thing about this construction is the use of two different colours of clay, rough earth, brick, and granite. Add several different types of wood and a few sheet blocks, and the house not only has texture and personality but also conforms to a specific colour profile.

Minecraft Abandoned House At Sea

If underwater construction is not yet an option in the survival game, building the house on the water might be the best option. Tkapplez has given the internet a stunning view of your deserted house by the sea, along with smooth, realistic shading.

Minecraft house ideas: BEACH HOUSE Designs

One of my favourite houses to try to build is a beachfront house, Minecraft house ideas a beautiful house with a beautiful cabin overlooking the ocean. Moving a few blocks on the sand is a great idea to prevent imaginary ocean water from leaking into your home! The gazebo features a playful rug that adds a pop of colour and a beach feel to the overall aesthetic. If you like this look, the following video contains a complete tutorial on how to create it.


If you want a more traditional home environment and less cabin feel, opting for bricks is a great option. This two-story home is an excellent option if you’re going to keep things simple and elegant. There are many things you can play within this design, and they leave you some creative options for your front yard. I like the flower box they create on the front that uses the hatches to create the effect. The stairs on the left side of this design are unique and a nice functional feature.


Do you want to live like SpongeBob? Well, that’s not the same, but you will be under the sea! This is a beautiful modern house that has been submerged underwater and removes water so you can live under the sea without soaking your furniture! It is two stories high and also has a glass stair/elevator area that allows you to return to the ceiling without getting wet. If you don’t want the hassle of building underwater, you can always make it on the floor because it’s a great house, no matter if it’s in the water or not!


If you need to build your hand from scratch, Minecraft Starter Designs is a great place to start. There are many Minecraft cards available online that will take you within layers step by step to build a Minecraft house, including the materials you will need to make your dream house. Grabcraft is an excellent source of plans for a variety of homes, including cosy cabins, medieval castles, and attractive fishing cabins.

These Minecraft house ideas and designs are the perfect starting point if you’re looking for inspiration in the next building. Suppose you want a place to call home when you return from fighting enemies or a place to prepare doses in Minecraft, creating a rewarding and rewarding home.

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