Video game development vectors, things you need to know

The video game industry continues to overgrow. What is 2022, and what are the game creators waiting for? What are the new trends in the gaming industry? In recent years, games have been developing at a very rapid pace. Game development companies, designers, and artists had to be original and creative to move forward. Video game development combines different genres of games developed for other devices. Let’s take a closer look at the trends in the gaming world.

Current trends in the game industry are pretty broad. Every year without exception, opens new perspectives for the game development industry. The latest statistics show that the gaming industry will continue to grow in 2023 and increase game sales worldwide. Walla Walla Studio supports the trend of creating cross-platform video games. The developers of this game production studio are flexible in game development because their games provide a significant number of players with an excellent opportunity to immerse themselves in the game plot and the game world and accept the challenges of the game plot. The company creates immersive video games that can be played on multiple platforms.

The modern gaming industry is a growing segment with a demand for cross-platform game development. One of the keys to getting into the game is choosing the right game development engine to provide your game development services and your willingness to port your game to other platforms.

Walla Walla Studio has a team of professional developers who specialize in creating high-quality games with exciting game plots, which are developed using modern tools and technologies, which allows you to implement exciting projects of any level of complexity.

NFT and blockchain games are trending in the industry

Among the gaming industry’s hottest trends in the NFT is the play-to-earn approach, another evolution in the gaming industry that offers secure gaming transactions on the blockchain. Gamers have a chance to win funds by playing their favorite game; developers have an opportunity to gain popularity for their projects quickly. NFT and blockchain-based games are driving the market, offering huge potential to industry developers and increasing their popularity among gamers. This means that NFT game development creates enormous business opportunities and outperforms other trends.

AR and VR games

Developers began to actively analyze artificial and virtual reality used in the game development industry. AR and VR games are popular among gamers because:

  • They are very realistic. It will also contribute to the technological development of the sector itself;
  • It takes the gaming experience to a new level.

However, this trend is hindered by severe challenges. A big challenge for game developers is to create different AR and VR solutions and integrate them with their games. This is mainly due to high development and investment costs, certain legal risks, and the need for more technology to implement and use this trend. Game developers increase revenue through in-game purchases and advertising to generate even more income.

Hypercasual games

Regarding video game development, hyper-casual games are a hit in the industry. They offer many players more detailed game content and a more straightforward plot. Due to their nature and genre, these games are always popular among users. It’s relatively easy to make hypercasual games and make money, and it’s no wonder they are one of the current trends in gaming.

How can game developers take on the modern challenges of the gaming industry?

Game development companies must be able to solve the challenges that the modern game industry can present. A game content development company must have the following:

  • All necessary skills, possession of modern tools and technologies, and experienced team members for high-quality game development;
  • Have documentation on the development of the game, and it is necessary to go through the essential stages of the development of a quality project;
  • Have a portfolio of games, cases, experience, and reviews.

Video games have entertained children and adults for decades. They have come a long way since the birth of computer games and the early versions of Nintendo and Atari. With video games becoming more critical than ever, the days of small screens and limited sound are a thing of the past. With the development of technology, video games are also actively developing.

Video game development is becoming increasingly complex. The cost of developing a game on powerful platforms has increased due to the greater complexity of creating a project. It used to be unthinkable to spend millions of dollars on development, but today games can cost tens or even hundreds of millions. This has challenged the gaming industry in terms of production and marketing costs.

The video game industry is enormous. It is more significant and growing than the film and music industries combined. No wonder companies want a piece of the pie. Analysts predict that by 2023 the gaming industry will generate more than $200 billion in revenue. That’s why tech companies are trying to capitalize on it. Tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Apple are trying to break into the gaming industry.

Streaming games

Companies not traditional for the game industry, such as Facebook, Apple, and Google, are making their way into this field. The streaming industry is looking for ways to make streaming video games as natural as streaming songs on Spotify or movies on Netflix. Microsoft has already entered the gaming industry through the popular Xbox with the launch of Project xCloud. This video game streaming service allows users to stream Microsoft Xbox games to PCs and other devices. This project became available in early 2020.

In 2016, Facebook started developing its gaming platform with Unity Technologies. Google has launched Stadia, Google’s cloud gaming service that allows users to stream video games in very high quality. Available from Google Browser, Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop. The main goal of all these companies is to allow gamers to stream their video games without a computer or game console as the world becomes increasingly mobile. As this trend continues, buying video games in disc form has become obsolete.

Summarizing all of the above, the video game industry has always focused on innovation and modern development technologies. Expect new technologies, new tools, and new experiences. As the world spends more and more time on mobile gaming, mobile games will become the primary source of revenue; big technology companies will use different concepts and strategies to develop such projects. The most exciting change in the gaming industry is the growing number of players. The gaming industry’s future is bright as more people play games, creating a demand for easier access to gaming entertainment.