Watch Dogs Legion Update

Watch Dogs Legion Update 1.21 Full Patch Notes on July

Ubisoft already released update 1.20 yesterday on all platforms and it was a big deal. The patch added in the new Bloodline DLC allows the player to be Aiden Pearce from the first Watch Dogs game.

Surprisingly, Ubisoft has now released another Watch Dogs Legion a day later. This is patch 1.21 for PS4 or 01.160.000 if you’re playing the game on PS5. Download free Watch Dogs Legion version 1.21 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Update 1.21 is here for Watchdog Region , and here is the full list of changes and fixes added in this patch.

Watch Dogs Legion Update 1.21 Patch Notes

The Watch Dogs Legion new update few known issues that Ubisoft has yet to fix. You can check out the known issues from the game published below.

  • Stages : The success “Packrat” sometimes gets stuck.
  • When using Aiden’s drone, the “Detect” notification will only be displayed when the detection tracker is at 100%.
  • Aiden’s drone can sometimes get stuck if it hits walls in midair.
  • The safe house symbol can disappear at certain points in the bloodline story campaign.
  • Devon vs. Devin: London Culling: The timer can sometimes get stuck while playing through the mission. This does not affect the progress of the mission.
  • PlayStation 4/5: Bloodline DLC will continue to show up as available for purchase to secondary users on shared consoles even if they installed the DLC from the primary user.
  • When profiling characters with longer descriptions, text overlaps sometimes occur.
  • Acquisition goal: The wrong minimap layout is sometimes displayed when reloading a game in Broca Tech Deep Labs.
    Workaround: Die and restart will reset the minimap.
  • Red King: The MK-1 robot will reappear if neutralized before restoring Aiden’s equipment. It works as expected. Make sure you grab Aiden’s equipment before neutralizing the robot.
  • Wrench in progress: The cutscene when entering Wrench’s safe house is interrupted when Aiden triggers it in battle.
  • Dark pattern: Players will not be able to advance in the mission if they also have the Human Cargo side mission active when entering the Rempart Headquarters.
  • Workaround: restart the game.
  • Dark Pattern: Jackson sometimes stops following Aiden during a certain mission objective. A hotfix to correct this problem will be released in the coming days.
  • ury your dead: Jackson wearing a face mask during the mission.
  • Workaround : Save the game, exit the main menu, and reload the game save.
  • addie : After completing the mission, the closing speech can sometimes appear robotic.
  • additionally: The mission objective can sometimes appear in the code instead of in the descriptive text.
  • Hinges Falling Apart: Sometimes when Wrench is using Captain Boom Boom it has no effect on the enemy.
  • Aiden’s hands sometimes get stuck through his coat when he opens the weapon wheel or the photo mode.
  • Wrench’s ninja balls sometimes explode too early and have no effect on an enemy when thrown from a distance.
  • Wrench with Captain Boom Boom sometimes triggers a cooldown on other skills.
  • Wrench’s Lady Smash ability will be permanently greyed out but can still be used if the ability is hit while the sledgehammer animation is running. It will return to normal after switching to another skill and back.
  • Ö nline: If Aiden and Wrench are equipped with weapons of other agents, they are removed from their equipment when the players return to the main menu.

Watch Dogs Legion Update 1.21 (1.160) is now rolling out to PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. According to Watch Dogs Legion 1.21 official patch notes, the latest update has added some minor changes to the game. Apart from this, Watch Dogs Legion version 1.21 (1,160,000) for PS5 also includes stability fixes. You can find more information about this update and its known issues on the Ubisoft forums