Who will become the champion of the German hockey DEL league 2023/2024: preview

The regular season of the elite German hockey championship began in September of this year and will end in the first half of March 2024. 14 teams take part in the tournament. The clubs that will take the first six places after the end of the regular championship will begin their path to the playoffs from the quarterfinals. Teams finishing from seventh to 10th place will qualify for the 1/8 finals, and those at the bottom of the tournament will drop down a division.

The top three contenders for the championship title are: Red Bull Munich, Adler Mannheim and ERK Ingolstadt. Having examined each of these teams in detail, we can more accurately predict which club has the best chance of winning gold medals.

Red Bull Munich

The “dark blue-white-red-yellow” looked pretty good in the current regular championship. After 25 matches played, the Munich team occupied fourth place in the standings. Three points behind third Bremerhaven, it was one point ahead of fifth Wolfsburg. Having won 14 victories (all in regular time), Red Bull Munich suffered 11 defeats. It should also be noted that Tony Cederholm’s team had the worst attack and defense in the top four. At the same time, Patrick Hager and company can perform better in relegation battles than in the regular season.

Red Bull Munich are the current German ice hockey champions and are defending their title this season. The “red bulls” are not stable in terms of gameplay, but they periodically produce good winning streaks. The Munich team will play accurately in the playoffs, and in the relegation battles they are able to reach the finals, and maybe even win the fifth championship title in the club’s history.

Adler Mannheim

The Blue-White-Red are performing very uncertainly this season. By the 25th round they were only in 10th place in the standings. Adler Mannheim was inferior to ninth Frankfurt Leuven in additional indicators, and 11th Dusseldorf was seven points ahead. Having won 12 victories, the “eagles” suffered 13 defeats (11 in regular time). The defense of the inhabitants of the SAP Arena sounds quite good, but the team’s attack is one of the weakest in the league. Denis Royle and company are unlikely to be able to take aim at the championship title, but still reach the 1/8 finals in good form.

The Eagles periodically have losing streaks of three or four games in a row. If they reach the playoffs, this could be a serious indicator for the team from Mannheim, and it will be difficult for the “blue-white-red” to advance further into the quarterfinals. At the same time, there is still quite a lot of time ahead, and you shouldn’t write with the eight-time German champion.

ERC Ingolstadt

The Blue-White-Blues do not shine in the regular championship, but they can improve in terms of play. After 25 matches played, ERK Ingolstadt was eighth in the tournament. Four points behind seventh Kellner Haie and sixth Schwenninger, he was two points clear of ninth Frankfurt Leuven and Adler Mannheim. Having won 11 matches, Mark French’s team suffered 14 defeats. It should also be noted that the inhabitants of Saturn Arena have one of the worst defenses in the top ten. But the team’s defense is quite good.

Last season, ERK Ingolstadt managed to reach the final, where they lost to Red Bull Munich with a score of 1:4 in the series. The “blue-white-blues” are quite capable of increasing and improving their position in the regular championship, and perhaps even ending up in the top six. But the Panthers are unlikely to be able to repeat their previous achievement and win silver medals. Although Mark French’s guys will definitely try to force the fight on more formidable opponents.

Our forecast

ERK Ingolstadt and Adler Mannheim are not in a position to aim for gold. Considering the current form of these clubs, even the “bronze” of the “Panthers” and “Eagles” can be considered a success for themselves. Even Eisbären or Wolfsburg can perform better in the playoffs than these teams. The undisputed favorite here can be considered Red Bull Munich, which has retained the champion squad and is capable of winning the title again. If you want to make money on German hockey and also love casino games, then we recommend betting money and winning considerable amounts at mostbet casino

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