Witcheye platformer coming to Android on August 15th 2019 pre-registration open

Witcheye is coming to Android, pre-registration

Witcheye Android pre-registration is now open as this beautiful platformer game will come to Google Play on August 15th. Pre-register period began yesterday, August 15th and you have 5 days to secure your early bird claim at this game. Now, what makes this game worth considering is its developed, old school style gameplay which will cause butterflies in your belly

GAME Development and reception

Witcheye was published by Devolver Digital, a company known for publishing independent games. This company was founded in 2009, and since then, they published some well-known games, including several titles of Serious Sam, Hotline Miami, Shadow Warrior.

Witcheye is a paid game, and currently costs USD 2.99 in both stores. When you consider the fact that this game has to offer more than 50 levels with a lot of repeat value, it has a very high value for money.

Witcheye Game Story

Witcheye’s story is quite simple and straight forward. The wise wizard Senexis has sent a brave knight to retrieve the treasures of the witch Mabel who lives on the deepest ocean in a cave inside a dark forest. In return, the magician promised to grant great power to the knight, who boldly accepts this quest and heads to the witch’s lair.

After locating it, the knight steals the witch’s treasures and ingredients, and enraged by this, embarks on a mission to follow him and claim his possessions. Using his cunning magic, the witch becomes the flying eyeball, and thus, the adventure begins.

Witcheye Mobile Android Features:

  • Unique and intuitive controls innovative for mobile devices
  • 50+ fast-paced levels with over 100 enemies in unique environments with bosses and minibosses
  • Cool old school pixel art visual style
  • 30+ original old school 16-bit soundtracks
  • Unlock-able modes, challenges, and other bonuses including the Hard Mode with remixed levels and enemies

In addition to presenting the favorite pixel art of fans, this game has a crazy platform action, ideas that are out of this world, and is followed by a wonderful soundtrack, just what we love about the old days. The official motto of the game is “an amazing adventure” and you literally play like an amazing eye.

The game has been developed taking into account the controls of the touch screen, since you will have an exploding action never seen before. Your character, the Witcheye, can be controlled by sliding in the direction you want it to float, as it will bounce off obstacles, buildings and even enemies, avoiding danger and solving riddles. There are more than 50 levels waiting for all lovers of the old school platform.

The advance recently launched should provide a solid idea of what to expect from the next mobile platform game Witcheye. You will begin your adventure as a despised witch who was recently transformed into a flying eyeball by a knight and a wizard.

This unscrupulous group has also stolen the ingredients from the witch’s spell. It is up to you to guide the witch through fifty different levels while killing the enemies, hidden secret fighters and exact revenges of that horrible knight and wizard. Mini bosses are included, as well as complete bosses, which should keep things interesting, and if you find that things are too easy, there will be an additional difficult mode and a speed function.

If you like 2D platform games, or you simply love pixel art games, Witcheye is a title you want to watch. As we get closer to the official release, I hope more details come to light, as I still wonder if the game will support physical controllers. While the description of the Play Store refers to a single touch screen control system, it would be nice to know if you can use something more tactile. I guess we’ll know soon, so stay tuned for more details, should they arise.

Witcheye Android release date is August 15th, 2019, pre register here

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