Worst Cryptocurrencies for Gambling in 2022

In the current market situation, some cryptocurrencies have become an absolute burden. On one side, you can safely get rid of them by gambling. On another, why would you gamble a generally cheap and unreliable coin? Unfortunately, there are lots of them even among the famous currencies.

Some currencies are still holding up. In fact, there are many of them, and it’s much better to deal with Tether, Bitcoin or Tron than some of the cryptocurrencies on this list. Despite the earlier growth and fame, many of these are just not viable anymore – at least, if you’re looking to increase your savings.

Why Bother?

Many of them can understandably wonder why people even bother with selecting a coin when you can just use whatever you have and go to a casino that doesn’t discriminate between coins, like DuckDice. And it’s absolutely viable as long as you’ll buy the thing, bet with it and sell it for fiat money all within the same day. The next day, it may tank in value dramatically.

These currencies can work if you don’t keep them, but even then there’s a question of availability – do casinos still support them? There are many niches offers for the less fortunate, like binance coin dice or such. But many of these are special cases.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash seemed like an interesting alternative to Bitcoin – if not for its financial qualities, then for its ideological position. As of now, the financial well-being of BCH has deteriorated rapidly. As for ideologies, they don’t win bets. Many crypto enthusiasts and developers still keep it and use it to gamble occasionally, but buying it is not worth it. 

As for games, there are actually still lots of games that support BCH – almost on part with Ethereum. If you happen to have a supply of these you don’t know what to do with, you can just gamble them away.

Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Ethereum Classic has been an interesting innovation for a time. It even kept up with its parent currency in terms of growth and development. Now, however, it suffered much more than Ethereum did. So, there really isn’t any sense in obtaining ETC for any purpose, including gambling.

There are simply better alternatives.

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple hasn’t been doing all that well lately. It doesn’t tank as intensely as it used to, but there’s always a chance that it’ll be in value while on your gambling balance. Ripple is used to facilitating exchange between different financial systems – basically as a middle ground for currency conversion. 

As such, a lot of people have been stuck with Ripple. Like with BCH, it can be gambled away, but it will only be for dopamine. If you win big-time, you can just sell it, but you need to get lucky for that.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

This coin is somehow still popular, even though it keeps losing value. It’s not much different from all the other cheap coins, except there are many solutions that still let you mine the thing. In fact, there are too many such places. So, unless you feel that mining DOGE would be easier than mining anything else, it’s absolutely not worth it.

There have been many games that supported DOGE before, but they are much scarcer now, to better or worse.