Wow Gold making for beginners

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by our World of Warcraft gold making guide. This article aims to help you, as our reader, understand some of the ways players are raking in the gold to purchase the finer things that WoW has to offer. 

We have tried and tested each of the methods mentioned in this guide, so we know they work at the time of writing.

It is advisable to reach a minimum of level ten before attempting any of the methods mentioned below, along with having some average gear and deciding on your specialization. If you have already covered these prerequisites, it is time to crack on and learn how the best players throughout World of Warcraft are cashing in on the best rewards!

Auction House

At the very base of WoW gold making is the auction house. Hands up, you cannot purchase gold here and you might not earn gold rapidly, but you can guarantee a steady income of gold every day that you play.

If you have your eye on something or you wish to hit the gold cap, then the auction house is a great way of slowly stacking up gold reserves. Likewise, if you have something worth a lot of gold that you don’t need, the auction house is the place to sell it. Before add-ons were available in the older auction house, it could get a little frustrating at times, but now that add-ons are viable, it makes the auction house super intuitive. You can easily view, cancel, and post auctions as necessary.

Many players opt for sites that have WoW Gold for Sale as a way of obtaining gold very quickly. We would recommend researching items that sell well on the auction house and combine this with farming to earn an excellent income of gold and build up your available currency.


If you prefer to know exactly what time you will spend earning gold and how much you will be getting, the instances are a great option. The issue with the auction house we’ve mentioned is that you may hold onto an item for a long time waiting for it to sell, and there is no guarantee it will ever sell. Instances are pretty straightforward and can be completed solo in WoD. Vanilla, Cata, MoP raids, LK, Cata, are all accomplishable solo. It can be much more difficult to solo, but WoD is probably the simplest to do. Legion is often determined by the class. You could usually solo them via Warlock+Blueberry/DK/Hunter/Pally.

World of Warcraft Tokens

Finally, we have World of Warcraft tokens, which became a widely used gold-making method, although we did not see it as often in Legion. 

Assuming you have purchased your WoW tokens, you can head to an auction house and post it to get the current return for gold. It is better to try and do this when prices spike to ensure you get the best price available. You can expect to get anything between 180k to 135k to sell a WoW Token, which works out around $1 for 9k gold.

Prices have soared considerably due to supply and demand, so this is not our top recommendation. If you wish to purchase a token from the auction house, go to the main menu area and select the game time located towards the dashboard’s bottom left. The token will appear with a single click, and you can purchase it by selecting the buyout option. You can now transfer a single WoW token into $15 credit to your Blizzard Balance, which is pretty epic.