Players find secret exit from raid

WoW Players Find Secret Exit From Raid – you can find it here

The first “Schloss Nathria” raid in WoW Shadowlands has only been open since early December 2020 and already has the first surprise in store. Players have discovered a secret exit. We will tell you where to find it.

That’s Happening – One gamer shared his experience with the WoW Shadowlands community on reddit. He and his raid party have discovered a secret exit in the current Nathria Castle raid that takes them out of the raid. We have included the clip here:

Here you will find the secret exit:

The secret exit is located in front of the 3rd boss “Starving Destroyer” and serves primarily as an escape route if the boss fight is not going well or you just want to quickly escape from the raid.

The exit itself is easy to miss, watch out for a large pipe in the wall, the barricade of which is simply on the floor. If you run through the pipe, you will simply be kicked out of the raid and land outside.

On its own, very few Reddit users are upset with this mysterious path, but find it somewhat amusing. Player teelolws, for example, says he can only imagine the developer responsible for this secret outing bursting into tears with joy because someone finally discovers his little details.