WWE 2K20 NEWS: Sony Granting Refunds To WWE 2K20 Buyers

news about the WWE 2K20 reimbursement: the game presents a series of technical problems and technical problems of various types that have worried the community, and many of the players have requested reimbursement from the publisher.


2K Games customer support admits that it received more requests than usual, “and asks everyone not to worry, each practice will be carefully examined. Meanwhile, Sony Interactive Entertainment will reimburse those who bought the game from the PlayStation Store and They are contacting customer service, as it arises from some of the testimonies disseminated on Reddit and Twitter.

At the moment, the publisher has not adopted an official refund policy, and Sony has taken the initiative independently, it is not clear if other sales platforms are acting in the same way or if they are waiting for Take-Dos communications games / 2K.

Unfortunately, the problems of WWE 2K20 are well known, so much so that the hashtag # FixWWE2K20 has been coined to bring the situation to the light of the developers. 2K Games has said that it is working to ensure that the game reaches the quality standards required by the company, a first patch waits between approximately two weeks and more updates will be published in the near future.

Some users have reported that they have been denied their refund request, but it seems that Sony is granting most of the requests. One user speculated that it could be reduced to connecting with the appropriate support specialist.

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