Nintendo Switch System Latest Update 9.0.1 Released

Nintendo Switch New Firmware Update 9.1.0 is here

Nintendo has rolled out the update 9.1.0 for the switch, which you can download now. A big patch is not available here.

What’s in the update? It improves overall system stability and resolves a problem where the colour of the Joy-Con is no longer displayed.

What’s behind the paint problem?

If you connect your Joy-Con to your switch, you’ll hear a sound and see an animation on the left and right, but this animation was previously tuned to the colour of your particular Joy-Con controller.

For example, have you connected a yellow Joy-Con? it was also displayed in yellow on your screen. For some time, any Joy Cons, no matter which colour, appeared in grey. Update 9.1.0 changes that now.

The new update displays the controller colours correctly again.

Nintendo Switch System Latest Update 9.0.1 Released
Nintendo Switch System Latest Update Released

Patch Notes for Update 9.1.0 at a glance

System stability has been increased to improve the user experience, including the following issue:

  • A problem was resolved where the color of the infected Joy-Con was not displayed correctly

How do I start the firmware update?

If you start the switch, you (if you are connected to the internet) will be automatically alerted with the request to download the update.

You can easily update the firmware of your switch manually, as follows:

  • Go to “System Preferences” in the main menu of your console
  • Scroll all the way down and go to “console.”
  • There you will find the menu item “System Update”: Click on it and you start the download