PUBG PC Update 6.2 – Patch Notes ( Team Deathmatch, CCTV and more )

PUBG Update 6.2 made it onto the PUBG liveserver. This means that in addition to the typical and well-known Battle Royale, the new Arcade game mode Team Deathmatch is now available to you. Further modes are to follow. But let’s focus on what’s already waiting for you in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

PUBG Update 6.2 Team Deathmatch

So you can already select the “Arcade” tab in the menu, which will take you to the new 8 against 8 battles in first person perspective (FPP). Behind it is the Team Deathmatch game mode, in which you repeatedly enter the game with a respawn timer of five seconds. There is also no need to collect weapons and equipment here, because you can easily choose a loadout that allows you to jump straight into the action.

At the beginning there are seven battlefields available, which should all be familiar to you from the larger maps. These include the mountain peak “Stalbar” and the Sosnovka military base from Erangel, the Paradise Resort and the docks from Sanhok, Podvosto and Peshkova from Vikendi. In addition, there is the Campo Militar from Miramar. This selection should be increased further in the future.

Further information on TDM can be found in our preliminary report:

More innovations

Follow function for skydiving

With PUBG Update 6.2, not only has the first arcade game mode in PUBG made it, other functional changes are also available from today – also for the classic Battle Royale mode. For example, if you are on the team with several players, you can activate a follow-up function for the parachute of a fellow player at the push of a button.

This will automatically make your character follow the moves and maneuvers of the chosen player while you have more time to look for opponents or just be sure to land on your team. We already know this function in reverse order as “Jumpmaster” in Apex Legends. There the squad starts directly from the plane with a Jumpmaster, afterwards there is the option to disconnect.

Loot balancing

New latest card Karakin is loot rebalanced again. As of now, more remedies such as first aid kits, energy drinks and pain relievers should be found on the map. DMRs, sniper rifles and the Winchester, on the other hand, have become rarer. There are two completely new weapons that have spread fear and terror on Vikendi. The G36C and the MP5K can now also be found on Karakin. In addition, the aircraft that drops supply packages above the card is now moving faster.

Throwing objects

In Pubg Update 6.2, all grenades have received minor adjustments. The Frag Grenade weighs about 50 percent more, the damage is now mitigated by bulletproof vests. Lying players now receive 20 percent less damage from frag grenades. Smoke grenades now fire after one second instead of three.

Stun grenades, on the other hand, have a larger indirect radius of action and also affect the hearing of players behind walls. Players in the vicinity of the explosion will also notice a slight tremor on the camera. In addition, stun grenades now explode 0.7 seconds after the first impact or after the ignition time has expired – whichever occurs first. Ignition time without cooking has been increased to 5 seconds. This drops to an ignition time of 2.5 seconds if the stun grenade remains unchanged.

Last but not least, Molotov cocktails have also had noticeable adjustments. The fire caused spreads 50 percent faster and affects larger areas. The way the flames grow has also been adjusted. For example, the back of thin materials and objects should be gripped more consistently by fire. The existing damage in the fire, in addition to the damage over time, is back. Standing in the fire now means an additional 10 damage per second. Overall, the cocktails are extremely dangerous (yes, it had to be). Because the flames now beat higher and are less hindered by smaller objects.

Blue zone

Did you hate that your view was extremely affected by the edge of the blue zone? Then we have good news. Because apparently the developers also had an understanding in this regard. From now on, the field of vision is much clearer due to the field boundary and accordingly gives you much more information about what is in front of and behind the border.

In addition, the visibility of the blood effects was improved again and an adjustment was introduced to fix the peak problem.

PUBG – Patch Report – Update 6.2

The full patch notes in all details can be found at:

PUBG PC Update 6.2 - Patch Notes

PUBG PC Update 6.2 – Patch Notes

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