When specialists work with several programming languages ​​at once and, of course, use several frameworks at once to create web applications, they can, in general, simply get confused about everything. As a side note, it’s important to remember that certain complexities in the application development process occur from time to time, especially when the web product is of a custom type. So, sometimes you have to additionally apply more suitable tools to make the software flawless in fact.So, we are talking about “.NET”, which helps to realize the seemingly impossible. If you need help with creating a web product or you are seeking for a supplement of a ready-made web application with effective tools, then dot net development services are those that should be ordered from a competent company in the first place and forget about upcoming problems once and for all.

What Dot Net tools should you be aware of and what are their features?

Web developers often find themselves in a situation where they need to change, build from scratch, or tweak a working web application by adding new tools to it. But doing this can be extremely difficult due to the fact that you do not immediately understand which technology should be used. Dot Net is a great option because it offers a lot of IT features:

  1. Dotnet-script. This is the utility that provides an add-on in the form of Intelli Sense support. The tool is cross-platform, which adds to its special popularity. The utility helps in maintaining “packages” and not only.
  2. Visual studio. No matter what anyone says, this editor is one of the mega powerful ones. It has full integration, which consists in easy integration with the development environment. With the help of well-thought-out options such as easy access to specific objects, debugging, code completion, profiling, code suggestion and others, the software still has a comfortable interface for working, adaptive to many current systems. And this makes the management tool very convenient.
  3. NuGet. This web product is open source. As they say, we go from trump cards. Naturally, the program has the ability to implement platforms, libraries and modules for products created by programmers based on “.NET”. In addition, IT professionals are immediately offered 150,000 different packages with which you can create web products. It is also possible to use the tool in 125 international languages ​​offered by the creators, which is very convenient for programmers who are located in different places around the world.
  4. LINQpad. The demand for the utility lies in its versatility. And the versatility is that the framework is suitable for any type of entrepreneurial activity, regardless of direction. The only important thing to know is that the tool has an extensive output formatting option, there is debugging that is built in, as well as the presence of additional auto-completion, which makes the software more popular among others. The instantaneous feedback makes the software convenient for IT professionals, because writing codes is real in absolutely any language in the world.
  5. NDepend. One of the interesting extensions of the famous Visual Studio. With its help, it is possible to create a visual structure for the web product being created, to understand how well the code is written, and also to customize the work to the programming language that the IT specialist on the project knows. The extension also offers a host of other relevant benefits.
  6. NCrunch. The utility is automated. The program is able to track the coverage of the written code. Moreover, all actions are carried out in real time. Its plus lies in the fact that it gives an IT specialist a closer look at the strengths or weaknesses of the written code, performs code testing, and “intelligent” testing is now in trend, as you know.
  7. ReSharper. The web product has many advantages, including providing great support for any technological language. Accordingly, if a programmer knows only one of the languages, he will be able to use it without problems. This utility is not just an extension, but also a tool that makes the ability to evaluate the quality of written code real. Everyone will be able to evaluate how well the code is written and understand whether it is worth redoing or correcting it. Now it will be easy to improve the performance of the new code.
  8. Chocolatey. The convenience of a package manager from the well-known Windows brand has surpassed all expectations of web developers. Programmers use this utility only for the reason that it is really possible to combine it with innovations that appear almost every day. The purpose of the utility is to conveniently package “packages”, so anyone who needs to package the created web products can use this particular tool.
  9. .NET Reflector. The program is a static analyzer. To debug or find a defect, failure, or problem, you must use the utility. In addition, with its help you can even enter third-party code.
  10. SQLComplete. Everyone has heard of this tool. Today it has become in demand due to the fact that it helps to increase the productivity of IT professionals. And this, in turn, speaks about the value of the product. So, with its help, you can configure SSMS, which helps in speeding up the creation of a request, its formatting, renaming tables, columns, options, etc.
  11. Postman. The tool is not easily in demand, but is a platform through which you can jointly lead an IT project and, for example, conduct tests with API. The utility is needed purely for testing requests called “HTTP”. Since the ecosystem is very important today, the tool will take care of the correct development of the API.
  12. PerfCollect and PerfView. The tools are considered highly effective because they are able to collect and automatically check the collected data, and also help to improve the productive process, help analyze performance, and carry out tracing.

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