EA Sports FC 24 Update 1.13 – Patch Notes

The EA Sports FC 24 has received a new update known as Update 1.13, which was unveiled not long ago. This upgrade is available on all gaming platforms and consoles, including the PC. The patch notes and bug fixes that are brought along by this update can now be downloaded by the players who have already purchased the game from the site. Also, it should be noted that the size of this file might differ.

EA Sports FC 24 Update 1.13: Detailed Patch Notes

Gameplay Updates:

Updated PlayStyle Tuning:

  • Tiki Taka: Lowered accuracy and pass quality of first-time passes.
  • Pinged Pass: Decreased accuracy of Driven Passes.
  • Pinged Pass+: Increased accuracy of Driven Passes.
  • Jockey: Reduced maximum possible Sprint Jockey speed.
  • Press Proven: Reduced shield effectiveness with the ball.
  • Press Proven+: Increased shield effectiveness and Strength Attribute effectiveness while shielding.
  • Long Ball Pass and Long Ball Pass+: Decreased accuracy of crosses.
  • Power Header: Increased ball speed from lower powered headers.
  • Dead Ball: Reduced set piece preview line length.

Significantly Adjusted PlayStyles:

  • Power Header+: Reduced ball speed for medium to high powered headers.
  • Relentless and Relentless+: Reduced amount of half time and extra time stamina recovery.
  • Aerial+: Reduced the amount of added running jump height.
  • Power Shot and Power Shot+: Reduced ball speed from Power Shots.

Other Changes:

  • Replaced the previous unique ball roll standing animation for Trickster and Trickster+ PlayStyles with a new animation.
  • Adjusted Legendary difficulty CPU AI behavior to focus less on tik taka play near the opponent’s penalty area.
  • Added new animations based on real-world volumetric data.

Ultimate Team Updates:

  • Legendary difficulty no longer uses competitor mode in squad battles or single-player Ultimate Team Draft.
  • Various fixes for Stadium lights, Player Items display in Squad Battles, Objectives, Player Injury Pause Menu, PlayStyles UI indicators, and more.

General, Audio, and Visual Updates:

  • Updated messages, button callouts, celebrations, balls, gloves, boots, kits, badges, banners, flags, scarves, and tifos.
  • Added 86 new star heads and updated 9.
  • Fixed stability issues, incorrect text, placeholder text, button conflicts, and more.

EA Sports FC 24 Update 1.13 brings a refreshed gameplay experience with tweaks to PlayStyles, Legendary difficulty AI behavior, and new animations. Ultimate Team mode also receives improvements and fixes, while general updates enhance the game’s overall presentation and stability.

Source EA Sports FC Trello Board