2021 Trends: What’s Hot in Game Development?

Video games take a vast portion of the entertainment industry, and for good reason. It’s a unique form of interactive experience that incentivizes team play, problem-solving, and, at the same time, tells a very immersive story. These are some of the fundamental things that designers think about when crafting a new title. In other words they want to make the game more immersive, interactive, or create a better environment that rewards cooperation. 

The developers also want players to engage with the content continuously and to reword that devotion. With all of this in mind let’s see what are some of the trends in game development that will help designers achieve all of their goals. 

More eSports-Oriented Titles 

One thing that propelled video games into a whole new sphere of popularity is definitely eSports competition. Of course, there were always video game tournaments, but never before on a scale like today. Enthusiasts all over the world either go to watch live events or view them on streaming sites. The prize pools for some of these events like DOTA 2 and League of Legends, are also amazing.

In other words, eSports is doing more than simply advertising these experiences or new titles. They are actually presenting gaming as a viable career option, which makes them more than just a form of entertainment. This is why the eSports industry is just scratching the surface, and its true potential is yet to be realized. Developers are now actively working on creating more team play-oriented games with a higher skill cap that looks spectacular during a showdown between experts. Once again the idea is that if the game makes it as an eSports event, more players will flock to it. 

Virtual Reality 

Although we typically think of video games when someone mentions VR the truth is that the technology can be used for so much more. So, despite the fact that there are no major VR titles it doesn’t mean that this tech will stop developing. In other words, the future of Virtual Reality looks bright, and as the capabilities of this hardware continue to evolve so will the games specifically designed for it.  

What this means for game design is that it will be more immersive and that it will allow for a greater degree of interaction. Moreover, we might get better headgear that can engage our senses better which will definitely have an impact on how we experience the whole thing. 

Different Monetization 

Right now there are a few different approaches on how games are monetized. It’s either purchase the whole game and then make additional purchases for DLCs. Then we have microtransactions which are about selling quality of life in-game features or cosmetics. And finally, you have a subscription model where you pay and get to play for an entire month or more. 

This is of course vastly different for casino games where you pay in order to get chips or spins that you use later. When it comes to innovation or trends in monetization these online casinos have been incredibly creative. They give players various bonuses on a deposit, or simply lower the bar for entry.

So we might see more innovation in terms of how games are monetized or how the whole monetization is incorporated into the design. We might see more free trial versions of the game that require players to purchase it if they wish to save progress. This way players can decide whether they like the content before they pay for it. 


Clearly, there is a lot of room for improvement and designers are already experimenting with the existing tech. We are seeing more titles that allow voice command, and we are seeing more cross-platform games. This means that designers are looking to unify the player base that plays on a PC and those who play on consoles. These are all challenges that they need to overcome to make games more appealing.  


Robert Everett has been a fan of gaming ever since he was a kid. As a passionate writer, he loves to explore topics related to game design, eSports, and cover the latest happenings in the gaming industry. He also enjoys playing poker, blackjack, and casino slots.