2023s Big Players In The Mobile Gaming Market

Mobile gaming is slowly becoming the most dominant force in the gaming market. Even as lower revenues are reported by observers including CNBC, new downloads continue to rise, with 255 billion new app downloads in 2022 and 4.1 trillion hours spent in gaming apps. With such interest in the gaming market, innovation is rife, and the bar for developers to succeed is being set ever higher. With that in mind, there are three massive players in the market creating fun, and inspiration, for players.

Pokemon Go

One of the most popular and high quality games out there is Pokémon Go. A game largely composed of luck but combined with a skill system that will improve your catches, and improve the quality of catches, as you level up, it is the ultimate in social gaming. It gets people out of the house and meeting others, it provides Pokémon swaps in-person as well as digitally, and given its subject matter, it’s a social wonder. That social aspect is what makes it so interesting, and gaming authority Dexerto names it as one of their must-play mobile games.

Raid Shadow Legends

Ask gaming authority mag Pocket Tactics what they believe the best game is, and they’ll call out Raid: Shadow Legends. A gacha RPG, which encourages the spending of real-world money to progress the game, Raid has outgrown the shadow of in-game transactions due to the quality of its core gameplay. It also preaches moderation; to progress normally, it pays to be patient, and you are rewarded with brilliant quality CRPG gameplay.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Pinned at the top of the gaming hierarchy is AAA cash cow Call of Duty. Now with a mobile version running since 2018, the popularity of the game is such that there are esports athletes competing in a bespoke Call of Duty: Mobile tournament – every single year. While shooters don’t seem intuitive for mobile play, the interface produced for mobile use is tweaked, in tandem with gameplay, to be suitable on a range of mobile specifications without compromising ease of use.

Lots of options are out there in the mobile world, from calmer, softer, social games, through to high-octane tense shooters. There’s something out there for every type of mobile phone, and that’s key. Bringing gaming to the masses is only a good thing, and there are more titles being developed every year.