4 Best Games of Battle Royale in 2022

Although the origins of battle Royale games vary, what they involve is considerably the same: Dozens of players get in and only one player or team leaves. Battle Royale is an aggressive multiplayer style where the only objective is to endure until you become the sole survivor. 

There are a number of battle royale games out there, making it hard to know which one to play. This article gives you a list of the best four battle royale games you can play. 


Fortnite was the most popular game on the planet in 2019. It found success by taking an existing game and introducing battle royale elements instead of creating something from scratch. The player is dropped onto a vast map and must scavenge the environment and the nearby buildings to look for weapons to use, while enemies try to create their own equipped structures and hunt down targets to kill. Fortnite has also been successful because of the constant updates from the developer: adding new content such as customizable weapons, skins, and upgrades that make ongoing quality changes to make it more appealing. The most recent skin that came out to Fortnite is the Honor guard skin and it’s EPIC!

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is another one on the list of Battle Royale games, but it’s also one that came out of nowhere and became very popular. This is a Battle Royale shooter developed by the team behind Titanfall. Like Fortnite, this game is free-to-play, and it also has unique features you won’t see elsewhere. 

In Apex Legends, you not only have the ability to rescue drowned friendly players, but you can also revive your dead teammate if you can survive long enough to get their data chip and take it to a respawn point. This game also has a game mode that lets you play with a squad of three players to create some sort of balance. Recently, Apex legends added a quest feature that allows players to enjoy co-op battles. 

Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone has also managed to capture the attention of Esports community even in such a saturated market. Even the name itself prints money for Activision, and being that it’s free to play, it becomes a more enticing offer. In Warzone, there are vehicles to help you go around in and a vast range of weapons you can fight with. The gameplay is quite smooth, and gunfights are receptive. Call of Duty: warzone also has alternative modes that see you scramble to collect money instead of kills, making it even more interesting.

Battlefield V:  Firestorm

Battlefield V Firestorm is also on top of the best battle royale games. Firestorm takes place on Battlefield’s “leading map ever” and put players into battle in either squad or solo mode with 64 players fighting it out for victory. In this shooter, there is a huge map and a variety of vehicles to use, including cars, tractors, and even helicopters. Battlefield V Firestorm is also pleasing because of the breathtaking graphics. The resupply points and the ability to use vehicles make the game even more appealing.

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