4 Great Scholarships in Video Games Development in the US

Only a decade ago, it was hard to believe that eSport scholarships would be available in prestigious educational institutes. Today, students are happy with the opportunity to grow in the sphere they like most, even if it includes video games. It is also a known fact that the gaming industry earns millions of dollars in the US alone. For this reason, students want to get a career in this profitable business area. 

In our article, we collected the four most valuable scholarships in the US for those who want to get in-depth knowledge of video game development. Get ready to write not only an essay about video games but practice to create your own game!

1.  ESA Foundation Scholarships

Starting from 2007, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) Foundation offers 30 different scholarships and up to $3,000 annually to provide financial assistance to women and minority students who are about starting a career in the programming and video game industry. Applicants need to have a high school senior grade or currently in relevant college studies. The admission allows for full-time study at an accredited four-year university in the US.

The main requirement is US citizenship, a minimum overall GPA of 2.75, and professional potential. If you are interested, you can apply by filling out the application form or contact the International Scholarship and Tuition Services administration.

2. Randy Pausch Scholarship Fund

The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences offers grants for applicants of two $2,500 awards annually. The co-founder of the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon, Randy Pausch, organized this scholarship fund for all full-time college students who want to become game developers. 

Attending a US institution with a minimum overall GPA of 3.3, enrollees need to study a program related to game design, art, animation, sound design, or programming. To complete the application process, you should collect the following document pack: proof of enrollment, two recommendation letters, official college transcripts, and a two-page admission essay that shows how candidates see themselves in the interactive and entertainment industry.

3. Phyllis Craig Scholarship Program

The Phyllis Craig Scholarship honors the founding member of the Women in Animation (WIA) program. She helped many young people to implement their dreams of learning the art of animation. And today, this scholarship opens the door to one deserving student annually for $1,000 to cover educational expenses. 

You can learn to work in the ToonBoom Harmony software and be acknowledged in particular details while developing games from the concept stage to the final product.

If you are a US citizen or international student, you can apply and demonstrate your artistic talent. It is known that the visual aspect is crucial in the development process of the gaming industry. Present your relevance to the college-level program in the US and a strong desire to become a professional animator in the gaming industry. As requirements say, you need to include one letter of recommendation, student identification, one 500-word admission essay, and an online portfolio with the $25 non-member application fee.

4. IndieCade Scholarship Program

The NYU Game Center, in partnership with the IndieCade international game festival and conference, created the IndieCade Scholarship Program. They provide $25,000 to enrollees who apply to become festival participants with their own games. Winners should be graduated from the Tisch School of Arts as a Bachelor (BFA) or Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in game design.

While applying, don’t forget to show reliability to smaller-scale experimental game development and talent in design. Anyone who meets these requirements and takes creative risks has a chance to become an Official Nominee by IndieCade automatically.

The Path of a Game Developer

Today’s video games are more than just a hobby, and people are ready to dedicate their full time to it as a career. More and more youth worldwide are creating a powerful community where they can share tips on how to win in hundreds of popular games. Therefore, championships are organized to show the gaming skills of gamers and developers’ tremendous work. 

If you want to become someone who will proudly say, “I developed this,” apply to one of the scholarships we described for you here. Simply try your luck on the endless possibilities in video games!