A quick Guide How to Get Quickly your first 10k Instagram followers

4 Ways to Gain Instagram Followers as A Gamer

The world of gaming has changed a lot in the last few years, and very recently the new generation consoles were released, which will inevitably lead to even more popular games being created. Just like the world of gaming, social media has also changed a lot, and these days, the person that has the most followers is the most successful. One way that many successful accounts gain followers quickly is by using an Instagram growth service like Growthsilo, which engages with users on your behalf whilst you continue to focus on creating content. If you are a streamer and are struggling to get views, or considering starting a career as a gamer, and would like to know how to get ahead, you need to be using a social media platform like Instagram. Below are 4 tips on how to gain Instagram followers as a gamer, which is very important for success in today’s day and age. 

Collaborate With Others 

If you are a true gamer, then you have undoubtedly watched streams of other games, irrespective of the platform. One thing that you might have noticed is that gamers will often play games with other big-name gamers, and you might be thinking it is for fun, but it’s not. It might be true that they develop a friendship, but the real reason is business-related. They do this to share the audience each has since they create similar content. 

If you want to grow your Instagram account as a gamer, then you need to collaborate with other Instagrammers within your niche. This could mean tagging them in your content, using their branded hashtag, or even sharing content that includes both of you. This is highly beneficial since you will be essentially hijacking their audience. 

Use Reels and Stories            

One reason that Instagram is such a popular social media platform is the fact that it has so many different options for posting content. Some of these options include IGTV, Live, Stories, and Reels. Reels and Stories are two great options for posting that you should seriously consider using. 

While it is true that Stories don’t directly increase the number of followers you have, they do play an important role in gaining followers. If you use Stories correctly you will increase the engagement your posts get. The more engagement your account generates, the more your content is shown to users, which is to your benefit. 

Reels allow you to post short clips, which means you could post short highlights of your streams showing off your talent to lure people to visit your account or even stream. Reels are shown to many random users and are great for reach and getting your account noticed. 

Don’t Forget to Use Hashtags   

Hashtags are probably the most powerful tool to use on any social media platform, and this is even more true for Instagram. There are many niches on Instagram, from gaming to cooking, parenting, sports, comedy, health and fitness, and more. Each niche uses certain hashtags to reach more users, so it would be in your best interest to find out which hashtags are popular in the gaming community on Instagram to reach more users. 

Be careful of using the most popular hashtags though, since this means that everyone is using them and the chance of your content being seen is reduced. Also make sure to not choose hashtags that get no views or searches at all, since this means no one will see your amazing content. 

Post Often and Consistently   

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, to be specific, over 1 billion people use the platform every day. What this means is that if every user were to post, that would be over 1 billion posts a day. In other words, if you don’t post often, it is easy for your content to get drowned in the sheer number of posts. An easy way to avoid this from happening is to post at least two to three times a day if your account is new. 

One reason why posting often is a good idea is that Instagram changed the way the algorithm works for the user’s home page. No longer are the newest posts shown first. Posts from accounts that are relevant to users, that get engaged with often, and get liked often by the user are shown first. So if you are not posting, they are not seeing your content, it will be shown much further down in the feed.