How to Play and Unlock Zombies in Call of Duty Mobile

5 Important Tips to Become an Expert at CODM

Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) is one of those games that can keep you playing for hours on end. Whether you prefer multiplayer mode or battle royale, we know that there’s only one thing you want to happen for yourself: to become an expert CODM player. Well, we understand that competition is high in these types of games, and you might not enjoy the game as much if you have subpar skills. 

So here, we’ll be sharing the top five tips that you need to do and master so you can rise through the ranks and beat powerful players in CODM. But first, you have to understand that CODM requires high-speed home internet or cell phone service so you can really enjoy the game. Let’s begin!

  1. Master the Basics

We’ve written a lot of guides for various games, but the first step always remains the same – master the basics. The basics of the game are the foundation of your game skills, and it will be easier for you to progress if you know the game’s basics. For CODM, it includes things like knowing the maps, understanding the different types of weapons and attachments, and familiarizing yourself with the different game modes. 

For example, some people prefer multiplayer mode vs. battle royale because the game duration is much shorter and the action is more intense. Others might enjoy the strategic depth of the Battle Royale mode, where survival and smart decision-making play a significant role.

  1. Have a Good Internet Connection

CODM is an online game, so there’s no way for you to play without an internet connection. Having 5G Home Internet, fiber internet, or cable internet is generally recommended for all kinds of gaming and streaming. And usually, if you have this type of internet, you won’t experience any significant lags or delays. 

  1. Watch Professional Players

There are many professional CODM players who stream their games online, especially on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch. Watching these experts can help you learn new strategies and techniques. Make sure to pay attention to how they move, how they position themselves, and how they use the different weapons and attachments. Then, make sure to incorporate those strategies whenever you’re playing. 

  1. Take Advantage of Comms

Communication is very crucial in CODM, especially when taking objectives. We’ve noticed that many players don’t use the microphone to communicate. Unfortunately, it can be a big problem in winning the game. By using a microphone, you can all work together to share information about enemy positions and other important objectives of the game. 

Using a microphone will make the game slightly heavier on your internet bandwidth. So make sure to have a reliable internet connection like Dish Network Internet. It’s also typical to encounter people who use microphones to say bad things about you, especially if you’re a new player. Just use the mute feature whenever you encounter these people and focus on your game so you can give your best gameplay. 

  1. Practice Consistently

All these tips will go to waste if you don’t practice them consistently. From the basics to effective communication, you’ll need to play at least every day to be better. Remember that the more you p[lay, the better you’ll become. This way, you’ll be more comfortable with the movements, maps, game modes, and other necessary aspects of the game. 

Final Thoughts

While it’s important to be good at what you’re playing, don’t forget to enjoy the game. Many people have the tendency to focus on the objectives so much that they start forgetting to have fun. CODM is a game, and you play it to have fun. So, have fun, and don’t let technicalities get the best of you. Happy gaming!