5 Online Casino Games To Give A Try In 2023

The casino gaming market is going from strength to strength with each passing year, and there are tons of exciting new titles to check out in 2023 if you’re a fan of online gambling in particular.

Let’s take a look at a few recent releases that are pushing the envelope in terms of everything from graphical presentation to gameplay mechanics, and talk more about why they’re worth experiencing.

Release the Kraken 2

There are plenty of ocean-themed slots out there, but few can boast the impressive visuals or approachable cartoony nature of Release the Kraken 2, developed by Pragmatic Play.

It keeps things straightforward with its five reels and a total of 20 paylines, so it won’t be too overwhelming if you’re new to playing slots. And of course it’s fully playable on mobile devices, with solid performance even on mid-range models from the last few years.

The one thing to note is that it’s a slot that is designed with high volatility in mind, which generally means that the odds of winning are not particularly high, but the jackpots available are sizable.


While most casino games retread the same old sources of inspiration, Propaganda stands out from the crowd thanks to the fact that it is a surprisingly deep satire of 20th century history. The symbols are intrinsically political, recalling elements of the Cold War and the face-off between the capitalist west and the communist east.

Aside from that, the underpinnings are fairly standard. You get six reels and a number of multipliers to maximize payouts, as well as a bonus round to make your money go further.

The Rise of AI

A game you’ll find on a number of Bitcoin Cash casino sites, including those featured on Crypto Casino’s list, this really is a slot that has arrived at the right time.

The theme of artificial intelligence is very much in the zeitgeist at the moment, and it’s an interesting reminder of just how much our world is set to change as a result of this technology’s influence.

As with Propaganda, you can of course ignore the theme and simply enjoy the competently designed reel-spinning action that’s offered up by The Rise of AI from the developers at Endorphina.


Another sign that slot developers are trying to keep things fresh in 2023, Serial is a game that, as the name suggests, takes its theme from the world of mass murder.

Thankfully it doesn’t delve too far into bad taste, because the killer in this game is entirely fictional. Even so, the visuals do tip it into the horror genre, so it’s not for the faint hearted. If you’re eagerly awaiting Resident Evil 4, you’ll no doubt enjoy this.

Free spins are available, with thematically appropriate conditions needing to be met to unlock them; namely, you’ll be able to spin the reels without paying a penny if you activate features relating to searching for the killer, or another victim being claimed.

So long as you can stomach the more grisly aspects of this slot, it’s definitely a change of pace that you’ll welcome.

Canine Carnage

Picture a set of pooches living it up in a post-apocalyptic desert, and you’ve got yourself an idea of what Canine Carnage brings to the table.

This Play’n GO online casino game has standard payouts as well as instant-win prizes to unlock, as well as hundreds of ways to win available, so it’s better suited to those with a bit more knowledge and understanding of slots.

Wrapping Up

New online casino games arrive on an almost daily basis, so it’s worth keeping an eye on your favorite casino site to see what crops up next.