5 Reasons Why Twitch is so Popular

Twitch launched in 2011, and till now, it has gained massive popularity. This live-streaming service has been downloaded over 100 million times and there are 30 million daily active users on this platform. With a plethora of audiences, many Twitch streamers use different strategies that help them in getting Twitch followers quickly, as this allows them to earn money as well. In addition to Twitch, there’s another internet content subscription service called OnlyFans that works quite similar to Twitch, and content creators can make income by content monetization.

However, the popularity of Twitch can’t be denied in today’s world, and the statistics don’t seem to go down soon. If you’re wondering about the reasons why Twitch is so popular, keep reading this article!

Twitch Popularity Reason #1: Helps You Improve Your Gaming Skills

As you will find a lot of gamers streaming live on Twitch, it will allow you to hone your video gaming skills.

Even though you may think that you can simply watch a few tutorials to learn some techniques, Twitch allows you to watch the streamer play, the techniques they use, and the commentary they make on their own gaming live.

This can teach you a lot more than the other platforms, and people have even succeeded in their video gaming career through this.

Twitch Popularity Reason #2: Has a Massive Community

Around 1.86 billion hours each month were watched on Twitch in the year 2021. These statistics explain a lot!

You can never get bored on Twitch. Whether you’re a viewer or a live streamer, you will always get people to interact with.

Even if a streamer has a small audience, they will still have people to entertain, which will ultimately help them grow bigger.

Due to its huge community, Twitch arranges an annual event, TwitchCon, in North America and Europe where all the viewers, fans, and streamers meet up and have fun together.  

Twitch Popularity Reason #3: Higher User Engagement

Watching YouTube videos is like one-way communication with your favorite content creator. Although you can comment on the video after you’re done watching it and the YouTuber may reply to your comment, you still can’t beat the two-way interaction of Twitch.

Twitch has a live chat option that allows the viewers to send messages or emoticons. The streamer reads their messages while streaming live and responds to them in real-time. This makes the bond even stronger and viewers feel like a part of the community.

Twitch Popularity Reason #4: Offers More than Just Gaming

Who says Twitch is only for gaming? Although this live-streaming platform is quite popular for gaming, it has a huge audience in other niches as well.

You can easily find live streamers playing their favorite musical instrument, singing, giving makeup tutorials, doing a podcast, or even eating in front of the camera aka mukbang.

Therefore, no matter what your interest is as a viewer or streamer, you can always find a niche to entertain yourself or your viewers.

Twitch Popularity Reason #5: Can be a Full-Time Career

Many Twitch streamers are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars every month simply by streaming live to their huge, loyal audience.

However, streamers who are new to this platform and have comparatively fewer followers are still earning money on Twitch.  

The best thing about Twitch is that you can get tips and donations from your live viewers as well.

Rather than doing a boring 9-5 job, many individuals have started their full-time career on Twitch while enjoying it to the fullest.