5 Strategies to Help You Win at Solitaire

Solitaire – a game that Microsoft first introduced to teach people to use the mouse to drag and drop items – is no longer just a learning technique. It has turned into a gaming mania for people that is going stronger since the 1990 when it was first introduced. After being a fun activity and brain teaser for around three decades, this game is still played by around 35 million people yearly. So, it means the love for Solitaire is not going anywhere and it is here to stay for a long time.

Just like any game, solitaire games also ignites a competitive fire among people. Once you start playing it on online sites, like Solitaire Bliss, or download in app form, it no longer remains a leisure time activity. It turns into a battle ground that you want to conquer by all possible means no matter which Solitaire version you are playing among so many options. But there is a conflict among this card game players. Some say that it is a pure game of luck, while others consider it as a skill-based game. Have you ever wondered what is the reality? 

Here is the answer: the truth is that luck might have some role in a few versions, but if you don’t play strategic moves, even your luck can’t do anything. So, here we have given five strategies that can boost your luck and increase your chances of winning:

  1. Know the Rules

It goes without saying that the first step of every game winning strategy is to know the nitty-gritty of the game. Instead of jumping on the game board right away, learn how things work. Each and every step counts in all Solitaire versions. So, you should fully understand and have a grip on what you should do and how your moves will shape the fate of your game.

Almost all the versions of Solitaire are played with one or two decks of cards, excluding joker. A few cards are face up and others are down. And you have to make certain types of foundations by moving cards systematically. This is the story of almost every Solitaire game. But in some latest variations, some new features are introduced that you should know before playing those games to increase your chances of victory. Mark this first strategy as the rule of thumb.

  1. Begin with Columns Having Larger Stacks

Cards are distributed in different columns. Every first card in the beginning of the stack is face up while the rest of the cards are face down. It is better to target columns with bigger piles of cards, having more hidden cards. This strategy helps you expose more hidden cards that keep the game going. This strategy also helps expose better cards that help in making winning piles of cards that further leads the player to a victorious position.

  1. Keep a King in Hand Before Emptying a Column

Most newbies commit a basic mistake of emptying the tableau spot without having a King to fill that spot. Remember that only King can fill the top spot in a column once you move the stack of cards to empty that slot. If you have a King, you are good to go. But without a King, that whole space will be wasted unless a hidden King shows up from the face down cards or decks. So, always be on high alert while moving your cards because every move has an essential role in the game. Avoid this blunder. 

  1. Reveal the First Deck Card

Unfortunately, most players begin their game by stacking up cards and creating piles. The purpose is to reveal hidden cards as soon as possible. This might seem like a good move, but something is even more important than that: revealing the first card of the deck. In Solitaire, having more open options is always better. So, instead of starting off with juggling piles of cards, explore your possible options to play better moves and create meaningful stacks to come closer to the winning position. This whole move can make a huge difference and make your position strong in the game. 

  1. Use Undo When Needed

You can use the undo option without any hesitation anytime unless you have made a bet with your friend or sibling that you will win the game without using undo. If that is not the case, then you can use undo if you think you have taken a wrong turn in the game.

One obvious use of undo can be that you have two sevens of the same color and you have the liberty to place each one of them. So, the question is which seven is better to move? Here is when you can use try out both sevens and see which seven reveals more useful cards than the other. Obviously, it will happen by using the undo option. So, it is okay to use the undo feature when you need it the most.

Now you know the strategy to win solitaire games, but where can you play? Below are some of the best places to try playing Solitaire:

Solitaired’s FreeCell – Try using these strategies in FreeCell solitaire, where you can use four free cells to help you move cards around.


Solitaire is not just a leisure hour game, but has so many benefits that having one Solitaire game version on your digital device is a must. But things don’t end for most people after playing this game a couple of times. It becomes an addiction that leads to an ignited desire to win this game. That’s where Solitaire winning strategies can help you set a difference in your game playing skills and also give a push to your luck to tilt towards game winning edge.

Hope now you know a few solid skills and strategies to win the Solitaire games. So, what are you waiting for? Happy Soli-playing!