5 Things About Office 2019 That Students Should Know

If you need Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote for school or home use, this is the version for you. Microsoft Office 2019 comes with all the classic apps you need to get your work done. You can install Microsoft Office 2019 on a PC or a Mac depending on your computer. 

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2019 version includes improved accessibility and a variety of learning functions to help you get to the maximum experience. You can use the 2019 version of PowerPoint to apply enhanced cinematic animations to your presentations. Excel 2019 version comes with a variety of new types of graphs that allow you to display your data in different ways.

5 Things About Office 2019 That Students 

Here are five things students will benefit from Office 2019.

(1) New Focus Mode:

Thankfully, Word is getting a new focus mode, designed to eliminate distractions on your desktop so you can do the job faster. Focus mode will hide the taskbar and the ribbon at the top of the document, leaving only the Word document itself displayed.

Turn on focus mode in Microsoft Word:

  1. Open Word
  2. Find and Click the Focus Button, located on the bottom toolbar

(2) Ink with Ease:

In-Office 2019, inking features just got better. The case turns your screen into a canvas and makes working in Office as intuitive as the stroke of a pen. The pencil case turns your screen into a canvas and makes working in Office like a pen stroke. This feature allows you to write or draw directly on a PowerPoint slide or Word document using your choice of pen type and ink colour. You can also use your stylus to crop images, move objects around the screen, and highlight text.

(3) Language translation on Word 2019

Finally, Microsoft has also integrated translation features for Word. The translation feature in Word 2019 offers many text translation options, and it supports many different languages.  Word 2019 version translates longer content with full text and creates a separate Word file with the new language.

(4) Newly Added Charts:

Maybe you use basic and advanced charts but there are some new charts in OFFICE 2019.

3 Newly Added Charts in Excel 2019, Funnel, waterfall and 2D map! Use these charts to present your data more simply and engagingly.

(5) Get it at No Cost for Students and Faculty:

If your school offers Office 2019 through the OnTheHub website, you may be eligible to get it at a huge discount – or even free of cost!

Microsoft Office 2019 (Home and Student) KEY - Keysoff.com

Office 2019 New Features

So what’s new in Office 2019? Take a look at the top new Office 2019 features below


  • Focus Mode in Word
  • Word Translator
  • Improved inking functionality
  • Customizable Office ribbons


  • Funnel charts and 2D maps
  • New Excel functions (CONCAT, TEXTJOIN, IFS, SWITCH)


  • Morph transition feature
  • Insert and manage Icons, SVG, and 3D models
  • Improved roaming pencil case
  • 4K video export


  • @mentions
  • Focused inbox
  • Office 365 Groups in Outlook*
  • Travel and delivery summary cards
  • Send Later to delay or schedule delivery of emails
  • Read and deliver receipts

Office 2019 Pros and Cons:


  • Pay once, use forever
  • In the long term, owning the license will be less expensive than the subscription


  • One device per license
  • Only install on Windows 10 and macOS
  • Mainstream support is limited to 5 years
  • Limited security updates