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6 Things to Do With a Jailbroken Fire Stick

Amazon Fire Sticks are expensive items to own, and the features that come with them are also paid for. Yet, there are ways to access the unlimited amount of media and information that you can have on your television through a jailbroken one. 

While the term ‘jailbroken’ sounds like something that will be pirated or illegal, it simply means that your Fire Stick is modified. Jailbroken Fire Sticks also have features that the company might not have provided. Read about jailbroken Fire Sticks and the things you can do using one!

What Is A Jailbroken Fire Stick?

A jailbroken Fire Stick is simply a Fire Stick that is modified such that you can install other apps that you might not have access to on the app store. You can modify most Android devices to access such features, and the act of jailbreaking is not an illegal one. 

You can use your jailbroken Fire Stick to do whatever you want with your device and gain access to unlimited content on the internet. 

Is It Legal To Have A Jailbroken Fire Stick?

No, owning a jailbroken Fire Stick will not get you into trouble. There is nothing wrong with jailbreaking one. Most people use it to install third-party streaming apps like Kodi, which are not available on your usual app store. 

Jailbroken Fire Sticks neither modify the system of your Fire Stick nor does it give you access to things you may have to pay for on the App Store. 

However, if you use your Fire Stick to stream online content that may be unlicensed, then it isn’t legal. 

Things You Can Do With A Jailbroken Fire Stick

Now that you have learned to jailbreak your Fire Stick, here are a few things to do with it: 

  1. Turn Your Television Into An Unlimited Streaming Platform

The app store limits the number of apps you can have access to. Moreover, the popular streaming apps like CyberFlix, Kodi, and IPTV services are not very accessible either. So, jailbreaking yours will give you access to these streaming apps and many other ones to enhance your watching experience. 

You can download apps from all around the world using a VPN, and any content from around the world will be possible to cast on your television. 

  1. Play Any Game On Your Television

Most Android games available on the Play Store will be accessible on your Fire Stick. The Fire Stick can function as a video game console even with its limited size. 

Also, emulators for 16-bit games are available to download when you use a jailbroken Fire Stick.

While you can play various games on a jailbroken FireStick, it is compatible with other consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox. You can use a Wii controller with the help of a USB dongle too.

PC games and mobile games are all fun. But if you could access both on the television, you would want to use this feature to your advantage!

  1. Use YouTube From a TV

One of the many features of using a Fire Stick is the availability of YouTube on your very own television. You can log in with your details and have access to YouTube Music and YouTube Premium.

  1. Share Photos and Music On a TV Screen

Like your typical Android device, you can also display and share your pictures, music, and videos on Fire TV. 

Either you can use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to display the media you post or use a USB to display your content. 

Using the app SFTTV (Send Files To TV), you can also display your media on your TV screen using your phone.

  1. Browse The Internet

With a Fire Stick, your TV becomes another giant PC screen that works the same as your desktop computer. 

Browsing the internet becomes fun and easy using a jailbroken Fire Stick as you have access to content. 

Apps like SilkBrowser allow you to browse through your television just like your mobile or PC would. 

  1. Sideload Any Android Apps

With recent developments on the Amazon Fire Stick, many apps are unavailable on the Play Store, limiting your experience. 

Since Fire Sticks run on FireOS – a variant of Android, any file is also easy to download with apps like Downloader. It is an app that allows you to install third-party APK files from anywhere on the internet. 

Things To Remember About Owning A Jailbroken Fire Stick

Once you have got your jailbroken Fire Stick, there are a few things to remember: 

  • When streaming, always use a VPN if you are streaming pirated or unlicensed content. I advise you to use a VPN to protect all your activities. 
  • Your Fire Stick is not traceable. If your Fire Stick was purchased from a vendor, then the most that can happen is that they have access to your address. However, the content you browse will be available to the government, so VPNs are necessary. 
  • Streaming app services like Prime and Netflix do not become free when using a Fire Stick. 

Final Thoughts

Fire Sticks have access to all the media around the internet. With the features that come with this modern technology, it is no wonder you would want to use them to have a fun experience. 

Now that you know things a Fire Stick can do and the various things you need to remember while using them, don’t forget to use a VPN to stay safe.