7 Apps That Will Come In Handy When You Don’t Expect It

What apps does everyone need? There is a cool range of applications that can save your life. You may ask how? But advancements in technology have created this possibility. An application like ICE Medical can help greatly; it displays on your lock screen your allergies, the medication you are not supposed to take, and even if you have a pre-existing condition.

 This information will aid greatly in guiding first responders. The information may help rescue your life in case you get caught in a dangerous situation. It would be better for you if you had various applications, ranging from weather alert applications to apps that teach the basics of performing first aid and ones that allow you to check in on your friends, etc. The apps will come in handy if you have them on your phone.

1. Baby And Child First Aid

It is an app whose main focus is on how to provide first aid to babies and little children in life-threatening situations. The application comes to you courtesy of the British Red Cross. It has over 100,000 downloads currently. The app will come in handy in case of an emergency. It will give you easy-to-follow instructions and helpful videos to guide you. It also offers tests to see what you have learned to keep you sharp and ensure you are always prepared. It also has a toolkit that lets you record your child’s allergies and medication needs. It will greatly help when administering secondary treatment or drugs. The feature that makes this one of the cool apps is that you can access this information while offline.

2. GDm – Health

GDM is the abbreviation for gestational diabetes mellitus. It applies to pregnant women at risk of gestational diabetes or those with pre-existing diabetes. Sensodyne Health offers it; the app can help you manage your diabetes effectively during pregnancy. It comes with a web dashboard for clinicians and a patient app. You can also log in your blood glucose readings which your clinician can keep track of and monitor in real-time. It also educates you on GDM, fitness, weight management, food, and diet during pregnancy. It is among the best life-saving apps.

3. iCall

If you are in a scuffle with someone, and the person is threatening you, iCall is the app for you. You no longer need to ponder on how to record calls. It is the app for you. The application has in-app purchases to allow you to get more advanced features. 

It also offers a free trial that will allow you to see if you like the app. iCall can be set to recording calls automatically. There are various call recorder applications, but iCall is among the best. For those using ios devices phone recorder iPhone, is also available. The call recorder app iPhone operates smoothly on the ios network and gives you features like spamming and call blocking with the additional recorder option. If a person threatens you, you can record them and use this information to your advantage.

4. Pander

It is an application for those days when you don’t feel like cooking. It is a food delivery application. It helps you decide what you want to eat by asking various questions about your taste. It lets you locate your restaurant of choice. It even lets you order a mystery meal. When you let the app auto order your food, it bases its choice on your knowledge of your favorite preferences.

5. Avast Mobile Security And Antivirus

A good security system is a must-have for your phone. Avast is among the best in the market. The advantage is that it is free. Other than basic protection, it has a web shield to avoid malware. It also tracks what your applications are doing. It also has a unique feature that allows you to lock, locate or clear your phone if it’s stolen or lost.

6. Army Survival Handbook

It is an offline survival guide and manual based on army survival tactics. It contains useful information that can be handy for outdoor survival and camping. It is divided into chapters covering important critical survival information to help you survive the harshest conditions. It will equip you on how to behave in dangerous situations. The app is available for Android and ios users at a small fee.

7. Zello PTT Walkie Talkie

It is an application meant for emergencies like earthquakes which take out vital communication hubs; it is a free push-to-talk radio application that resembles a walkie-talkie. It allows you to be still able to communicate and stay connected even in a case where all communication towers are down. It also features push notifications, live location tracking, voice history, Bluetooth headset support, real-time streaming, high-quality voice chat, and chat support for up to 6000 users.


 Have you ever asked yourself what is the most useful app on your phone? The above applications are all vital and can come in pretty handy in case of any emergency. You should download one of the above applications for your benefit. Especially when I call. I call it one of the best call recording and management applications tailored to suit your needs. All these applications will go a long way in making you more aware and prepared for your surroundings.