Apex Legends Mobile: Everything You Need to Know

One of the most popular battles royale games in the past year is coming to Android and iOS platforms much sooner than you think. Almost all games that gained a bit of traction since release on console or PC are trying to focus on transforming their creations to mobile-friendly games.

Since smartphones are very powerful now, they can support the complex graphics and gameplay and enable a smooth gaming experience. Maybe that is why the mobile gaming industry (gaming on hand-held devices) experienced huge growth in the past year.

The situation is no different with Apex Legends. Even since Respawn and EA announced that the game is coming to mobile devices, fans cannot wait for it to happen.

Currently, the game is in development, since it takes a lot of work to transform the game from a console or PC to a mobile device. We’ve spotted a few job listings where they are recruitingTechnical Director and Build Technical Ops for Apex Legends Mobile.

Release Date

Until now, there isn’t an official release date confirmed by EA, but at the publisher’s earnings call, it was suggested that Apex Legends Mobile is expected in EA’s fiscal years 2021, which starts in October 2020.

As we all know, the creators and game developers from Apex Legends are quiet about their latest updates, and we’ve seen many twists in the story and in the direction where the game goes. The same thing can be expected for the Apex Legends Mobile.

Some fans suggest that the Mobile Version of Apex will arrive on 4th February, which is the second anniversary of Apex Legends.

Since the game is still in development, the time frame depends on EA’s ambition to create a unique mobile game. Also, since this is an entirely new thing for Apex Legends, it has to go through a lot of testing in order to make sure of a smooth launch. 

This means that we will start getting teasers or even a beta game for testing. 

At this point, the release date for Apex Legends Mobile is still unknown. Maybe we will get it in the holiday season, which is not too far away.


Alongside the mobile version of Apex Legends, EA announced a shared play option, which was highly requested by players. This means that players from different consoles or PC can play together. 

This makes the situation a bit more difficult if they decide to include mobile players in the group. Can you imagine playing a first-person shooter game on mobile, against someone on PC? – It will be very difficult. 

There are rumors that cross-play will be released in October, before the PS5 launch. 

We’ve seen this feature with other games like PUBG and Fortnite, but since it is an entirely new thing for Apex Legends, it needs to go through a lot of testing just to make sure that players are on a leveled playing field whichever device they play on.

Who Is Developing The Game? 

We all know that the game is in development, but who is responsible for the mobile version? – Well, unfortunately, we still don’t know from the official source which company is developing the game, but the title’s publishers confirmed in Q3 that they are working with a Chinese partner to create and release the game globally.

If we browse EA’s portfolio, we can see that most of their previous games like FIFA Online 4 and Need for Speed Online are developed by Tencent, which is probably the case with Apex Legends Mobile.

Final Words

We all know that the Apex Legends audience is excited to have the game on the move, but since there are a lot of complications in adapting the game for mobile, it is safe to say that they are taking a safe path and will not release the game until they are absolutely sure about the overall gaming experience. 

All of these updates can increase or bring down the game’s popularity like how the performance of a popular quarterback can increase or lower the ranks of the NFL teams in BetAmerica.com odds.

It is better to wait a bit longer and have a fully functional mobile game with a smooth gaming experience.