Apex Legends

Apex Patch Notes Update 1.74 on July 19

Today there is another update for Apex Legends! So Respawn released an Apex patch 1.74. Apex Legends players don’t have to wait too long for new content, as Season 10 starts in just a few weeks. Everything here is new with Apex Legends update 1.74.

Apex 1.74 update is now available to download and install on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. On PS4, the download size is 320 MB depending on the platform.

Twitter news about Apex Legends patch Update

There are currently no official patch notes for Apex Legends update 1.74. However, some players have already spotted a fix from this patch:

  • The broken “Frag Out” banner frames for Bloodhound and Rampart have been fixed

This patch is also likely to contain some additional bug fixes and general improvements. However, more content is on the way soon for Apex Legends. Respawn today officially unveiled Season 10, introducing a brand new legend, weapon, and map update. Seer is the latest legend in the game, equipped with micro-drones and, according to his official description, “an artist’s eye”.

The Rampage LMG is the newest weapon in the game, though Respawn didn’t reveal too much information about the weapon’s stats or performance. World’s Edge will also receive some major changes, but again, Respawn has yet to reveal what those changes will bring. One thing Respawn has confirmed, however, is adding ranked arenas. As always, the new season will include a new Battle Pass.

Apex update 1.74 Patch Notes Fixes Details

Fixed low/weak sounds related to the octane number and launch pad.
Fixed the error about "attempting to dump a pak file that was not loaded".
Minor glitches have been resolved.
Crash issues fixed.
Added performance improvements.
Several stability fixes have been added.
Other repairs under the hood.

Download free Apex Legends patch 1.74 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One. PC and Nintendo Switch.