Apple releases iOS 13.5 Beta 4: See what new features

Apple releases iOS 13.5 Beta 4: See what new features

Apple released the fourth developer version of Beta for iOS 13.5. iOS13.5 includes the FaceTime application, the improvement of Face ID, and the framework of the Exposure Notification API for the new crown that Apple and Google collaborated on. Apple also released a public beta version of iOS 13.5 today.

In today’s update, Apple adjusted the interface of the new crown discovery notification to make it brighter how the Exposure Notification log works. In this Beta, when accessing the Exposure Notification toggle key is in the health part of setting privacy, Apple now clearly shows that its logging function cannot be proven without the accompanying app installation.

When enabled, the iPhone can use Bluetooth to exchange random IDs with other devices. The random ID collected by the user device will be stored in Exposure Logging for 14 days. The log will be notified through an application when the user has been exposed to the new crown virus; if the user is diagnosed with the new crown virus, he can choose to authorize the application to share the random ID he designed, so that he can anonymously notify others The role.

There is also an adjustment to the FaceTime function. Apple introduced a new toggle switch to disable the feature, which will automatically zoom in on the person who is speaking. By default, a dynamic view appears in the FaceTime group. Everyone has a tile. The tile of the speaker is more significant, while the other tiles are displayed by fading in the background.

Also, in the early Beta version, Apple introduced a new Apple Music feature that allows sharing of Apple Music songs on Apple Stories. Tapping the “Share” button on a song in Apple Music will create a story with the song title, album name, and animated background, but Apple Music cannot currently be accessed through shared information.

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