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Are there many bingo game variants?

Bingo is one of the longest-standing gambling games and has been around for centuries. It is because of its timelessness that bingo has become so popular with people of all ages. But, there is one thing that people love more than the lore of bingo, the opportunity to win tonnes of prizes at such a low cost!

It is no wonder, therefore, that bingo has evolved and developed over the years to becoming many different things and having lots of forms that people love to play bingo games – play at www.onlinebingo.co. These variants have even taken over the traditional game of bingo and people might not even recognise what the original bingo looks like!

The standard and generic rules of bingo are that you get a card with numbers on it, and when the lottery tombola churns out numbers, you daub them off if you have the same ones… sounds simple, right?

What are the variants of bingo?

Due to the simplistic nature of bingo and the rules being easy to understand, new variants of the game have formed quickly and often revolve around variations on the number of balls being played. Some games go quickly and are high intensity because of that, whereas others are longer and build tension through the wait.

Here are the main variants of bingo, you decide which is your favourite and go and start winning:

75 Ball Bingo:

·         Our humble original 75 ball variant of bingo. This all-time classic consists of 75 balls in the tombola that are ready to get read out and daubed off.

·         Your ticket gets 24 numbers, but, if you want to win you need to be daubing off a match of a column or row.

·         If you want to be taken back to the roots of bingo, then check out the 75 ball variant!

30 Ball Bingo:

·         If you are living life for fast cars and quick thrills, then 30 ball bingo is the one for you.

·         Each card holds 9 numbers and 30 balls exist in the tombola, so the wins will come fast and plentiful for any well-skilled bingo player.

·         Players who want to be in the money as quickly as possible better start playing 30 ball bingo because this bingo variant is quicker than formula one.

80 Ball Bingo:

·         16 numbers on a card, 80 balls in the lottery, will you be lucky enough to get a row or column and yell bingo?

·         UK players might be well adapted to this 80 ball variant because of its prominence throughout the 70s and 80s, so, perhaps you should be asking your gran for advice.

90 Ball Bingo:

·         Just like with the others, this bingo variant revolves around 90 balls, 15 numbers on a card, and the opportunity to score a full house and yell ‘bingo!’ at the top of your lungs!

·         If you are the kind of player who is in it for the long run and wants the juicy jackpot, then we thoroughly suggest you visit the 90 ball variant… you will certainly be in for a good time.