ARK: Top 6 Dinosaurs to tame

Ark: Survival Evolved is the best game on Steam. Taming the dinosaurs, exploring a rugged land, and fighting makes this game popular with the players or the survivors as they are called on Ark. Starting an Ark online is challenging, and doing it without the help of any other participant can be quite a challenge. One of the best ways to improve your chances of survival is to begin taming the creatures. The ARK Kibble is used to tame creatures.

It is good to start with easy taming and move on to more complex and dangerous creatures to improve your chances depending on what you’re taming. For starters, taming a dinosaur can be confusing. It’s best to strategize ahead of time. Since the equipment is limited, don’t try to face more enormous dinosaurs outside of your league. Here is a list of dinos to tame in order:

  • Start with small birds like dodos for food and berries.
  • Since when you will farm a lot to rank up, choose dinosaurs like Iguanadon and Triceratops to ferry and farm resources.
  • If you’re in PvP mode, boost your defense early with the first carnivorous animal, Dilophosaurus. Slow down the attackers with its poison.
  • Once you reach a level and get resources, try taming Pteranodon and flying like Aladdin on your magic carpet. Not only does this show you a whole new possibility to the game, but it will help you move quickly and efficiently.
  • Now, tame dragons that will help you harvest for construction Dodiceorus (stone), Ankylosaurus (metal, flint, gems), Beezbuffalo (cement paste).

These dinosaurs will help you get a good start for your character. Now you can freely explore the map and advance towards more brutal dinosaurs, whether carnivores or herbivores, anywhere. Lost Ark Gold allows you to get in-game currency easily and avoid time and effort wasted. You can enjoy the game and Buy Lost Ark Gold. With Lost Ark Gold, you can create a unique experience for you and your characters to enjoy.

There are many unique and unusual dinosaurs around the world. Each has its own set of strengths. Here are our top recommendations. Here are the top Dinosaurs to Tame in ARK.


Pteranodon is one of the famous flying dinosaurs; Pteranodon is very common in the ARK: Survival Evolved and will never cause any problems. Flying dinosaurs are very useful in ARK: Survival Evolved. You can move quickly around the map from one place to another, searching for new resources and places. It is usually safer to navigate through the air than on land. The Pteranodon should be the priority for any newcomer player; luckily, it doesn’t respond when it’s attacked.


Argentavis is a flying creature that can withstand much more weight than the more common Pteranodon. Argentavis can be a little bit challenging to tame because it requires chain balls or bearing traps to drop, increasing their hibernation. Since Argentavis will likely follow him if you attack him, he can make a trap that can be closed, grabbed, and then shot with a sedative.

  • Favorite foods: fancy croquettes, raw lamb, premium raw meat.
  • At level 150, it takes 18 sedative arrows, nine sedative shock arrows, or 45 rounds of a narcotic bow to hit the Argentavis.
  • Catch him with player-made traps, chain balls, or bear traps.
  • With premium ARK kibble, it would take 42 minutes to tame the Argentavis.


Duedecor is nothing like an armadillo. It is a lovable pet that is very difficult to kill due to its tough shell. When his health drops below two-thirds, he will transform into a ball and reduce damage. Regardless, this is an excellent addition to your organization for the following reasons.

They are usually found around rocky areas on the map, and their primary use is to collect obsidian or stone. The Does is the best creature to collect stones and can hold a lot, as the weight of the stone in his inventory is reduced.

The cool thing about this creature is how it moves to roll. Transforms into a fast-spinning ball, which reduces damage while in this shape.


This creature, Beelzebufo, is a giant frog competent in helping with the things necessary to your life on the ark. Beelzebufo is a resident of the Swamp Biome, a biome you may have accidentally come across. This animal is as helpful as the Equus (but slightly stronger), as the tamer mount, due to its ability to apply hibernation when on strike.

Another handy thing is the ability to grow large amounts of cement paste and chitin, which are two ingredients that are needed to turn into a mineral. It is beneficial to have one of these people in your base. It is relatively easy to tame animals. You have to aim for beelzebufo from a distance. Always keep some distance between you. Just hit it with the arrows of the sedative until it hits the ground.


Once the above creatures are tamed, it’s time to start upgrading your ability. Parasaurs are wonderful herbivores, and although they are challenging to kill early in the game, they are easy to tame. Once tamed, it can be exposed and carry large amounts of supplies, making it a favorite mule in the pack early in the game.


One of the most famous dinosaurs, Ankylosaurus (or Anky for short), is a ferocious spiny dinosaur, which is remarkable due to many factors.

Although slow, this creature has incredibly significant damage and excellent health. For this reason, you can use it to kill enormous dinosaurs. Its primary use is to collect metal, glass, and flint. You can’t build a more extensive base or expand your existing base if you don’t have one of these guys because the weight of the ore is reduced while in your inventory. This dinosaur can be a mobile metal storage room.

You don’t need much to tame it. Only some sedatives and some foods (preferably Dillphosaurus kibbles). It is not difficult to tame due to its slow gait. Anky will make your life easier.