Benefits of Video Games in Education

If you are a parent of a very engaged video game player, and about to destroy all the consoles, do not hurry up to do it. Unfortunately, due to numerous social media reports and other ridiculous statements against video games, many people forget that they have their advantages too. It concerns college/university education impact and necessary skills which children and students can acquire by playing games. It is no longer only entertainment. 

Today, we will break down the major benefits of video games by correlating them to the academic process. Yet, it is necessary to note that it considers games deprived of violence or other negative plots. 

Top 10 Reasons Why Video Games Are Effective for Education

Let’s first practice one thing. What do you see with your kid when they play video games? Try to answer without biased observations such as a waste of time, your kid is irritated or acquires swearing. You are most likely to see the pure joy and dedication to pass the level. It already gives you an understanding that there is a purpose and some kind of relief for your kid. Then, you are definitely happier by seeing your kid playing video games rather than strolling the streets in pursuit of illegal substances, sorry for going so deep. Beyond that, video games work well on the following:

№1 Good Coordination

It particularly concerns VR (virtual reality) video games with designated equipment. You do not simply buy the glasses for fun, but you help a kid to practice their coordination. How does it relate to education? It is obviously referred to the physical culture, which is a subject in educational establishments. Depending on the video game plot, there might be jumps, runnings, sit-downs among others. Your kid is just trained to master such actions without harm to them. According to the essay services, during the gameplay of VR solutions, one involves the whole body. On some occasions, it can be a good exercise for those who always lay on the sofa, procrastinating. 

№2 Problem-Solving Skills

Another benefit is the skill of problem-solving. You again might think that the plot of the game is ridiculous or stupid, but believe us there are levels and traps that your kid should solve by involving their thinking activity. For instance, when the goal is to pass the last level and win, a student will brainstorm all possible ideas and solutions to do it. If they fail, they do not give up and think again and again. Speaking of more intellectual games, it is full of bingo.

№3 Boosted Focus

As per essay writers, one game may retain your attention for hours, and you cannot resist stopping playing the same level all over again. It is not necessarily a game addiction but just a motivation to achieve a goal. Most modern video games feature advanced graphics and animation where a student has to focus on finding invisible details or hidden traps. They train their eyes and learn how to see things that should not be in one or another place. Referring to education, a student understands better how to focus on tasks or assignments. 

№4 Learning Engagement

When it comes to educational video games (yes, such games exist), they are simply the best to help your children understand the value of studying but from the gaming point of view. For instance, there are games dedicated to adventures where you have to learn new words or quotes to pass the level. Otherwise, it might be racing games where a student does not simply use the cars for fun but learns about the mechanism and functionality of engines which is great if they are involved in physics specializations.

№5 Speedy Brain Functionality

Imagine a game with many unpredictable actions and scenarios. Some gamers are scared of them, while some fastly interpret them to avoid future gameplay. Visual and audio effects just work on our brains and help us train our thinking activity to come up with positive results. For instance, younger gamers learn that slow and mystical music may lead to some traps or enemies within the gameplay, while cheerful works on motivating them. 

№6 Communication Skills

Whenever students play video games in groups, it is a good exercise for finding a common language to pass the level or achieve one goal. Yes, during the first attempts, there might be only irritations or some kind of swearings, however, with time, the gamers understand what stays behind the teamwork. 

№8 Multitasking

Another benefit of video games is the opportunity to master multitasking. Correlate it to your assignments and hobbies. You order a paper from a writing services company, meanwhile creating some music. The same with the games, you focus on completing the level, while simultaneously explaining to your team gamers where to hide from the enemies. 

№9 Good Distraction from Procrastination

According to CustomWritings academic writing expert Lauren Bradshaw, “Students who regularly procrastinate and cannot recruit their willpower to complete the assignments find relief in video games, and it is not that bad. The main thing which their friends or family should do is to control the timeline spent on gameplays.” Beyond that, she admits that there are many assignments ordered with essay writing help companies on video games topics today. Therefore, if you know the limits, and won’t go too deep into 24-hour playing video games, it is a nice approach to beating your procrastination.

№10 Competition

Last but not least, the benefit of video games is the boosted competition feelings. A student may be so involved in beating the competitors or overplaying the level, that they reinvent the wheel in solutions to do that. They build strategies for how to become more successful.

So, if you doubt the importance of video games, speak to your kid about what they think of it, and leave them alone, no joking. If your kid lags behind with the assignments, do not be angry, but rely on academic writing services to help them achieve a positive grade. There is nothing bad with video games among those who have limits.