Best Characters in Smash Ultimate [ Smash Guide ]

Smash Ultimate is a crossover fighting game. With over dozens of characters, players often seek which character is among the best. With the increase in characters, opinions increase, but today I will tell you about the best characters in Smash Ultimate, which you want to play and not against them.


Wario is a playable character from A tier list in Smash ultimate and is also known to be a rival of Mario. Wario is known for his long-lasting aerial attacks, which are lethal that apply pressure and damage to the enemies. If you are successful in a combo, you will KO the enemy and generate Waft. Moreover, you can use Waft twice if you are three stocks. Wario being the heavyweight, has a significant advantage of surviving until high percent. Also, I’ve ranked characters based on numerous Smash Ultimate Tier List, and playing the game for nearly 600 hours. I’d still recommend trying all the characters yourself. All things aside, back to topic!

In contrast, being heavyweight also has the disadvantage of getting comboed very easily. Subsequently, Wario is suitable for aerial attacks, Nair, and has access to many powerful combos. Consequently, Wario is known for slow movement and speed with less range.

Following are the Stats of Wario,

Fighter Number 30
Unlock Order24
Dash Speed52/87
Air Speed8/87
Fast Fall Speed42/87


Pikachu is the main character in Super Smash Ultimate. Pikachu has excellent recovery in edgeguarding, but Pikachu can die easily if you are not careful enough. Pikachu is good for Good projectile and possesses a plethora of combos. At the same time, it is tough to hit Pikachu due to his small size. With small size comes good movement and Pikachu has outstanding movement speed. In addition, Pikachu is also good at aerial attacks and landing, but being a lightweight, he gets KO’ed easily. Subsequently, the Pikachu range is not impressive on most attacks. The low range of Pikachu often leads struggle in knocking the opponent out.

Following are the Stats of Pikachu.

Fight Number8
Unlock OrderDefault
Dash Speed20/87
Air Speed65/87
Fast Fall Speed51/87


Peach is a compelling character from A tier list in Super Smash Ultimate who has a variety of powerful combos that can be used from aerials and can also use for turnips and edgeguarding the opponent. Apart from being floaty, her movement is still slow. Hence Peach struggles with projectiles while being slow. Peach can float in the air that can be combined with aerials. Peach aerials are very powerful and are good with projectile with her turnips. With powerful aerials, she a good counter too. While on the other side she faces problems in landing. Moreover, with the slow ground movement, she also faces issues with vertical movement while recovering. 

Following are the Stats of Peach.

Fighter Number13
Unlock Order12
Weight 64/87
Dash Speed60/87
Air Speed48/87
Fast Fall Speed87/87


Lucina is one of the most lethal characters in Smash Ultimate. She is from the A tier list. Lucina is famous for her excellent tag range with impressive damage output. She is also good at safely causing damage by her aerials which include Nair, Fair, Dair, and tilt attacks. Subsequently, Lucina is a fast character but struggles to deal with Projectiles.

Moreover, Lucina is significant in attacks for stocks like Fsmash, Side B. In addition, Lucina has an impressive recovery that is Up B. With that aside, Lucina has excellent mobility, and with a giant sword, she has good range. Consequently, Lucina being floaty, has bad Air speed and landing. Lucina can be difficult in terms of spacing with specific opponents.

Following are the Stats of Lucina.

Fighter Number21E
Unlock Order23
Dash Speed23/87
Air Speed41/87
Fast Fall Speed45/87


Wolf is another character in Smash Ultimate from the A tier list I like to play. With his special attribute of Wall Jump, he is very lethal. Wolf is very quick with aerial with tilts and with the combos too. Wolf has a short range, but it matters less due to his high mobility. In addition, wolf engages enemies in close combat. One of the disadvantages Wolf has is his recovery. Poor recovery makes him a liability and prone to edgeguarding.

Moreover, his huge body size makes him easy for the combos. Furthermore, if you are good with dealing with his recovery, the wolf is a compelling character who has many counters for many opponents. Wolf kit makes him versatile, making him lethal for dealing with opponents. To conclude his significance, Wolf is good with all the moves that cause output damage very easily. Subsequently, Wolf also has few options to KO opponents. At the same time, Wolf faces problems regarding poor recovery. In addition, wolf sometimes fails to KO the opponents. 

Following are the Stats of Wolf.

Fighter Number44
Unlock Order51
Dash Speed69/87
Air Speed6/87
Fast Fall Speed13/87

Zero Suit Samus:

Zero Suit Samus is a character from S tier in Smash Ultimate. Zero Suit Samus is a very popular character and is played by the majority of players. She has excellent mobility, but she is easy to hit and take damages due to her large size. Subsequently, if you have a good hand on her mobility, you can dodge the counters by the opponents. Looking into her recovery stat, she is not too good but can be considered average. Some still believe her recovery to be good, but to me, it is normal. Zero Suit Samus also has quite a few recovery options to choose from Up B, Side B, Down B.

Moreover, Zero Suit Samus is also good at paralyzing opponents. In addition, she can also snuf opponent landings. At the same time, she is struggling to kill and has a simple grab game with no significance in it. 

Zero Suit Samus special attributes include Wall Jump, Tether, Crouch Walk.

Following are the Stats of Zero Suit Samus

Fighter Number29
Unlock Order19
Air Speed9/87
Dash Speed7/87
Fast Fall Speed28/87


Daisy is also referred to as Peach’s twin due to the same strengths and weaknesses. Daisy is an A-tier character from Smash Ultimate with a more robust variety of combos than Peach. Daisy can use her combos from aerials. Moreover, she can use floating and turnips to edgeguard the opponents. The unique thing about daisy is floating low and landing on a bair can be repeated, putting pressure onto the opponent. In addition, her floating can also be combined with powerful aerials. Daisy is very good with edgeguarding and always has a counter. At the same time, she has very slow ground mobility. While recovery her vertical distance is very low. Subsequently, like Peach, she is terrible at landing. Daisy has no special attributes.

Following are the Stats of Daisy.

Fighter Number13E
Unlock Order28
Air Speed48/87
Dash Speed60/87
Fast Fall Speed87/87


Sora is another A-tier character from Smash Ultimate. Sora is known for his outstanding aerial attacks. Moreover, what makes him lethal for the opponent is his recovery which is very annoying for the opponent Sora edgeguarding them. With good range, he can apply pressure by causing damage safely. Moreover, many of his moves containing long-lasting hitboxes and significant recovery make him a lethal character, and nobody wants to mess with him. He is one of the best characters to edgeguard the opponent with impressive recovery. With all the significance aside, Sora being the lightweight has slow mobility and has trouble knocking opponents out. Sora has no special attributes.

Following are the Stats of Sora.

Fighter Number82
Unlock OrderFighter pass vol 2
Weight 72/87
Air Speed65/87
Dash Speed65/87
Free Fall Speed64/87