Best Games to Get Inspiration and Improve Writing Skills

Working on academic writing projects takes a lot of time, inspiration, and motivation. In the overwhelming majority of instances, college students lose interest in similar projects after the first failures and suffer from tension and anxiety every time they have to work on similar assignments again. 

Have you ever felt confused and anxious working on a college project? Do you feel that some assignments require excellent writing skills and an ultimate level of motivation? You will be confused to hear that playing computer games may be the best solution to the problem. In fact, there are several ways to unwind and start studying with even more energy and desire, but video games seem to be the most appealing strategy for most learners. 

Although most people are convinced that computer games trigger devastating impacts on people and their academic achievements, the results of studies emphasize considerable advancements in students who regularly play games. Better persistence, more motivation, improved focus, enhanced communication skills, and increased awareness of the world around them are the main advantages students experience after playing the “right games.” 

Are you still searching for a professional essay writing service that will help you deal with the writing block? Do you spend a lot of time analyzing the services offered by WritePaperForMe and similar platforms? It is undeniably a beneficial way to cope with a challenging assignment and receive a paper that will stand out. However, there are several aspects you should consider before getting qualified help. 

First of all, make sure you entrust your college success to professional and trusted companies only. The number of fake platforms grows every single day, so you should make maximum effort to eliminate possible risks. Besides, when it comes to complicated writing projects, you should consider challenging yourself and finding effective ways to deal with the undertaking. Talking to professors, researching, finding relevant information on the topic, and playing computer games may be of great help. 

Are you excited about the last point? Right, playing computer games can help people cope with complicated essay writing assignments? At this point, it is critical to mention that much depends on the student and the game selection. However, if you manage to opt for the proper games, you will surely be able to advance your writing skills and detect the desired inspiration. 

Top 5 Computer Games Students Should Consider Playing 

The first and the most significant rule you should remember is that moderation is key. Properly set priorities are the first step to the desired success, which means you will take advantage of computer games without any damage to your studying. There is no chance you will compromise your academic or social activities in order to play favorite video games that are supposed to help you with the studying process. 

Instead, you should first deal with the urgent assignments and relish beneficial games only when you have time for it. Are you ready to advance your skills, broaden your knowledge and thrive with academic projects using computer games? Here are the top three options learners are likely to benefit from. 

Age of Empires

Is there anyone who has never heard of the game? A real-time strategy game has earned the ultimate popularity among players worldwide. In fact, it is one of the most beneficial computer games for college students, who find it challenging to make plans and stick to them. Analytical thinking, creativity, and flexibility are the core traits molded during the gaming experience. 

Age of Empires will help you dive into the historical time, relishing the magnificent views, authentic special effects, and impressive plot. Additionally, it is critical to mention the knowledge, skills, and new opportunities it will offer to the most determined and passionate players. 


Discussing the most motivational and inspirational games that are popular among college students, it is prominent to mention Minecraft. The game is appealing, beneficial, and useful for students who strive to unwind, eliminate stress and get energy for further activities. 

Although players may not even pay attention to this aspect, but Minecraft is a powerful tool that is frequently used to advance students’ knowledge and get them more involved in the economy and history classes. Advanced problem-solving skills, better communication and collaboration features, and a range of other critical aspects will be improved during the gaming session. 

Detroit: Become Human

Creative thinking, flexibility, and perfect planning skills are the aspects that will be shaped as students play Detroit: Become Human. The game is perfect for those who find it complicated to make plans, follow guidelines and stick to requirements. The game just gives another chance to practice valuable skills and succeed with various traits of character and academic skills necessary for the desired prosperity. 

Irrespective of the game you choose, you will surely get a precious chance to contribute to your motivation and inspiration. It is needless to say that a range of important skills, such as determination, goal-orientation, problem-solving, and others, will be advanced during each game session.