Best Online Casino Games For Beginners

Undoubtedly, in our modern society, online casino games have played a massive part in taking the online gaming community to the heights it’s at today. Our generation loves online casino games for many reasons. From providing us with the flexibility to play anywhere and at any time to allowing us to remain in the comforts of our own homes and daily bonuses, it’s no wonder that online entertainment continues to grow in popularity daily. With a noticeable increase in people gambling online instead of visiting a betting shop to do it in person and the production of online casino guides and online gambling guides on the internet, the gambling industry is attracting more and more novices each week. It can be challenging to secure wins when you’re a novice to the gambling world. Often you’ll end up breaking even or losing money at the start, which is why we’ve created this list of the best online casino games for beginners to help you navigate the world of gambling.


Let’s face it when we think of gambling or casinos, the first image that our minds conjure up are rows upon rows of brightly coloured, flashing slot machines. Slot machines are so popular that you can not only find them in casinos but in bars or local pubs as well, as a popular pastime in-between socialising with friends and enjoying an alcoholic beverage. Like Roulette, slots are incredibly simplistic in design, meaning that just about anyone can play them regardless of their gambling prowess. Most land-based casinos and even online ones will have hundreds upon hundreds of slot machines that you can choose from, ranging from enticing and sometimes recognisable themes to big jackpots and rollovers. Slot machines are notorious for being difficult to secure a win but often offer rewards such as bonus spins and rewards etc., depending on what device you’re playing.


An online and land-casino favourite, Roulette is a well-known game whether you’ve ever visited a real casino or remained in virtual ones and is the usual starting point for gambling novices. Perhaps the reason for its popularity, Roulette is a game of chance and simplicity, in which a ball gets dropped onto a spinning wheel, and bets are placed on which number it’ll land on. A deceivingly simple game, which is perfect for novices as there are no real skills involved in the game play. However, as the game becomes more familiar, you can turn to online gambling guides to learn strategies that’ll increase your chances of more significant pay outs. Online Casino Review have these guides aimed at beginners (and seasoned professionals!) entering the gambling industry, with lots of advice to help you choose which various games and casinos are suitable for you.


Poker and many game variations are available to play both in physical casinos and virtual ones, which are perfect starting points for budding gamblers. Poker is a traditional card game that nowadays has hundreds of variations, and online game play is very similar to the physical game. Still, it boasts the option of being to play within the confines of your own home, and you can even opt to play with a live dealer. Some online variations of the game will allow you to see the game odds, which gives you opportunities to figure out your stance in the game, what kind of tactic you may play with, the amount you may bet, and many other benefits. Although for first-timers and those who are relatively new to the game, the game play of Poker may be complex and confusing; once you’ve played a few games and become used to the game play you should find that it becomes easier to succeed. If you don’t feel like asking in-house for help, you could look at online gambling guides, which should give you a few more tips and tricks on Poker game play.

Solitaire and Blackjack 

Another two casino favourites are Blackjack and Solitaire, both a form of banking/patience card game and highly popular amongst all online casino gamers. These games are often preferred to be played online instead of in physical casinos, as the odds are usually better than the offerings in a land-based casino. Both Blackjack and Solitaire are straightforward for beginners to pick up, and in little time you can pick up tricks and techniques to try and increase your chances of beating the dealer. Suppose you’d like to make your chances of winning better. In that case, it’s worthwhile to familiarise yourself with both games and their variants before playing. It’s good to do this beforehand, as land-based casinos and virtual ones may offer different versions of the game, such as European Blackjack or Perfect Pairs Blackjack, and they could be different than what you’re used to.