Best Roblox Anime Games That Every Anime Fan Should Know About!

We have already covered Best Roblox Games, Best Roblox Horror Games, and Best Roblox FPS Games. Today we are sharing with you some of the best Roblox Anime games here, as there is a substantial following for Manga and Anime globally. No matter the Anime that is massive and viral, you will have a game on Roblox commemorating the Manga creators for the fans. So let’s see the best Roblox Anime games in this list and how fun they can be with the latest Roblox promo codes.

  1. Anime Battle Simulator

Anime Battle Simulator is a fun homage to Anime, where you can play with almost all the famous Anime protagonists such as Goku, Luffy, Naruto, and many more. You can fight against other Anime characters, joining them to defeat the bosses or explore new and exciting worlds in the game’s universe. The fun is immensely enhanced by each Anime character’s unique powers and skills.

  1. A 0ne Piece Game

Those fans of One-Piece Anime and Manga must play this game if they are on Roblox, as it is already swarmed with over 4,000 players concurrently. The game is full of iconic locations and things from the Anime, which has a vast map to explore like you are living and breathing the One-Piece Anime. There will be spoilers, so be warned and have fun playing this fantastic game. 

  1. Naruto, Shinobi B

If the Manga and the Anime are super-duper hits, this game will hold some value as one of the best Roblox Anime games. The game has excellent animations and environment while the world feels good and populated. The game contains references from Naruto lore and Anime, especially the Naruto run. The game is easy to pick up and play, making it highly suitable for newcomers.

  1. Soul War

Soul War is a massive hit of 2022, and some may say the best Roblox Anime game of all time. The world is fully realized and contains tons of missions and things to do inspired by Bleach Anime. Those who have seen all the Manga Anime of Bleach will rejoice as they experience the world again in this Roblox game. A new update is coming soon, so stay tuned to jump back into the game.

  1. Anime Mania

Another fantastic game in our best Roblox Anime games list, with almost all the most popular characters from the Manga world. The game is a 3v3 Arena battler where you can bring your favorite manga characters together and utilize their potential to win matches. Anime Mania is perfect for those who love to grind and unlock all the characters. 

  1. Revenge Kaisen

Revenge Kaisen is for the fans of Jujitsu Kaisen Anime, where you have to complete quests to earn XP and money to enhance your character’s power. The game takes inspiration from many old-school Japanese anime games where you can customize your hero in Roblox and match your skills with others in PvP arenas.

  1. Anime Dimensions Simulator

Your journey across the expansive cosmos is inspired by your favorite shonen manga in Anime Realities. It’s been updated often throughout the year and is expected to be another major success in 2023. Anime Dimensions is an excellent starting point unless you’re seeking a new anime pleasure. Many entertaining game options are available, one of which allows you to collaborate with your pals.

  1. Bleach New Hope Remastered

BNH-R is a relaunch and spiritual upgrade of the BNH game, which stopped getting updates in 2019. This version is remastered and improved much more than the base game, where they have added many more characters from the hit manga and included their unique abilities. The game has received a massive visual overhauled recently. Still, the only issue is that as there aren’t many people and gamers aware of the remaster, there aren’t many players online. 

Based on the Bleach manga and Anime, BNH-R is an open-world role-playing game with many abilities, attributes, and enemies. It supports PVP warfare and has a sizable explorable layout. Characters can be personalized in various ways, giving users a stronger sense of belonging within the gameplay. The map is perfect for enthusiasts of the manga Bleach because it includes various locations from the Bleach world. The many mob designs fit naturally into the Bleach world.

  1. Shindo Life

Another great Anime game that allows you to fight, roam, explore and have tons of fun in Shindo Life. The color gamut of the overall experience is quite remarkable, and the graphics are also decent. There are many things to do in this game other than fighting. 

  1. Blox Fruits

Another Anime game on our best Roblox Anime games list that takes its inspiration from many different Anime and mixes them in this seamless world. Blox Fruits heavily relies on sword combat and the Devil Fruits from One-Piece Anime that spawns/respawns every 20 minutes. You can fight with other players or fight together to raid dungeons and kill diverse bosses. The game has gotten so popular that it has 200,000 active players. 


Media entertainment is such a powerful medium and so popular that you will definitely see a lot of other offshoots. Anime is no stranger to this trend, and because of its popularity, it is a no-brainer that new Anime games are cropping up every day. You can find many great games in this best Roblox Anime game list that will give you many hours of fun.