Betting on Dota 2: Why It Is Important to Understand the Game and Follow the Matches

Dota 2 is one of the most popular eSports games, attracting major tournaments yearly. However, to succeed in betting and minimize the risks of failure, you should know the rules of the game, bet only on prestigious competitions, and choose the matches of the teams that haven’t made replacements in the last couple of months and haven’t encountered other difficulties.

Why Is Dota 2 So Popular?

Dota 2 is very popular among fans and eSports bettors. The game offers many events that you can bet on. What else attracts players in Dota 2:

  • Live emotions. During live broadcasts, gamers choose characters and try to surprise the opponent with their pick, forcing them to puzzle over the upcoming tactics. Exciting team battles, unexpected turns, shouts of commentators — the viewer is charged with incredible energy.
  • It is easy to understand the rules. It may seem that Dota 2 is a complex role-playing game with elements of strategic action. But there is a tutorial. It is designed to introduce newcomers to a different aspect of Dota 2.
  • Opportunity to break into eSports. Professionals earn a lot of money on eSports betting, so young talents greatly desire to become pro players. This is an opportunity not only to raise money but also to travel worldwide.

What to Consider When Betting on Dota 2?

A large number of matches for Dota 2 betting is an important aspect you should pay attention to. Take a look at the following points:

  1. Analyze games of teams. Learning to analyze the games of teams at least at a minimum level is mandatory before bet on Dota 2. Today, game statistics are regularly published by well-known bookmakers like GGBet.
  2. Consider the data’s relevance since everything changes dynamically in Dota 2. So, information on matches for no more than three months matters. This is the nature of eSports.
  3. Access the Dota 2 odds to winnings. One of the crucial things you should pay attention to when predicting the winner of a particular match in Dota 2 is the ratio of wins to the number of matches played. Theoretically, the team that wins the most games is considered more skillful (qualified). Therefore, it makes sense to bet on a team with a higher win rate.
  4. Learn the results of previous meetings. In addition to the general history of the matches played, pay attention to how the matches of these teams looked in the past. If team X beats team Y in the last two games, it will likely win in the next one.
  5. Get more info about game characters. There are as many as 120 characters in Dota 2. Moreover, each team has its characters, which help them get the highest results. Therefore, before betting, for example, on the winner of a match, it wouldn’t be superfluous to study the data on the performance of such setups in previous games.
  6. Learn more about bet types in Dota 2. Today, the most popular bet is still on the winner of the match. Also, don’t forget that bookmakers offer other equally exciting and profitable Dota 2 bets.
  7. Access the match priority. Ask yourself: “Is the upcoming meeting important for the team or not”? The team may not play at full strength if the match doesn’t affect the standings. On the other hand, perhaps the team will test new strategies, which will affect the quality of the game.
  8. Remember about DDoS attacks. Almost no team is immune from DDoS attacks, but tier-2 and tier-3 teams (less professional) are often exposed to such problems. You should consider this point when choosing matches for Dota 2 betting.
  9. Learn the rules of the championship. If there are teams from different regions, then the server the teams will play on is of key importance. One team may have low ping. Another may have a high ping. In Dota 2, split seconds can decide the outcome of a match, and any delay is bad.
  10. Visit the social media of players and teams. In social media, you can find out about possible replacements in the squad, the Dota match schedule, and the physical and psychological state of the players. Explore the “other side” of the team and get more information about training.

As can be seen, Dota 2 is an unpredictable game without an established leader at a distance. Therefore, bet the minimum amounts until you learn how to make a prediction on Dota match and evaluate the chances of profit.