BGaming’s Space XY Live Game Review

Space XY is the first-ever crash game released by Bitcoin. This type of game is relatively new in the online gaming space, and since its release, it’s been attracting the attention of a lot of young players. What makes this particular game even more fun is how it incorporates cryptocurrency into gaming. That way, crypto enthusiasts can easily jump on it, have fun while playing, and even predict outcomes with their digital currencies.

The game is coordinated between and BGaming, one of the most renowned game providers in the casino games industry. Players can launch a space rocket in this game and travel to space. The game is entirely crypto-based, including the wins that come from the game.

This article shares exciting information and reviews that users who want to try this Space XY game must know before they get started. To play, players place bets and jump before the rocket explodes; without jumping off, you lose the game entirely. The entire game revolves around placing bets and jumping off before your bet gets burnt.

Interesting Facts to Know About the Space XY

Before learning about how this game is played, here are important facts you should bear in mind.

  • The Space XY game is a creation of the BGaming Industry in coordination with
  • The game is space-themed
  • The game operates following an X and Y axes on a grid
  • Space XY games have both manual and automatic modes available
  • Bonus features included in the game are multipliers, multiple bets, and auto cash-outs
  • The mini coin size is 1, and the max coin size is 100
  • Max coins win 10,000x
  • The game has low/medium volatility

How to Play the Space XY Game

The Space XY game is a minimalistic game that divides your screen into three parts once it’s been launched. The three parts are; the settings section which is on the left, the playing field, that’s on the right; and the working panel, found at the bottom.

The screen’s working panel section contains the auto spin option and two betting options. The amount for placing a bet starts at as little as 1.00 and increases to 100.00. The game multipliers vary from 0 to 10x. When converted to hard currency, bets can be placed from £0.10 to £1,000 in one spin.

To have a chance to win bigger, place bets with both betting options at the same time. It’s important to note that the only time bets are allowed to be changed is during the brief pause before another round.

The setting section on the screen is where you can turn on/off the theme music and the sound effects. To find the game’s instructions, click on the book icon in the setting section. For real-life games, this book icon contains live results of other gamblers in cryptocurrency, euros, and dollars.

In the playing field, there’s a black background with X and Y grids, here’s where your rocket flies through. The X stands for the flying duration, while the Y is a representation of possible progressive multipliers.

Although the Space XY game has a minimalistic appearance and looks simple, it comes with many surprises. Some of them have the maximum winning potential which is up to 10,000x. Since the game has a low and medium risk level, there are higher chances of winning massive amounts of money.

Features of the Space XY Game

Unlike some other games like Crazy Time, Space XY does not have bonus games or special features. It’s a game of launching your rocket into space and standing the chance of winning through a multiplied bet. However, the game still has a few features that make it a delight.

  • Multiplier

When the rocket sets, it goes through various zones while hitting multipliers at certain areas around the flight plan. Players watch the flight as they try to determine the possible cash amount at each point the rocket hits.

  • Multiple Bets

While playing Space XY, you are not restricted to placing one bet; you have the option of placing as many as possible. Players are free to place any number of bets they desire, provided they do so carefully and with a firm understanding of how the game works. What this does is it increases your chances of winning big prizes.

  • Auto Cash-Out

An automatic cash-out feature allows you to cash out immediately after the rocket reaches a point on the Y-axis. Remember that if the rocket explodes before hitting the point.


The Space XY game is an interesting new modern game that involves sending off to the stars to get wins. Although everything about the game looks simple, players should be aware of jumping off the rocket before it hits and explodes. The game’s few features, the multiplier, multiple bets, and auto cash out, increases the game’s fun level. If you want to try this game you can visit the Parimatch site and do it.