Bookmaker Price Boost Explained

Price boosts are something that you should be keeping an eye on, especially if you are an avid punter who likes to be often. Taking advantage of price boosts doesn’t offer a huge profit immediately, but it can add up to some nice profits over time.

In this article we will go over the price boost philosophy in detail, so you are better informed what it’s all about, and how can make the most use out of it. As one of the most popular bookmaker promotions, at the same time, it’s also the most user friendly, due to it’s simplicity and effectiveness. 

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What Is Price Boosting?

As we said, price boosting is a very simple to understand, yet effective technique. A lot of bookmakers use it to attract new players, as well as retain current ones. It’s beneficial both to the bookmaker, and to the punter, which is just one of the reasons it makes it so great.

Simply explained, a price boost is an offer by the bookmaker that boosts the price in order to increase their exposure on the market. The bookmaker will increase the odds on a market of their choice, making the bookmaker more attractive for bettors when compared to their competition.

It’s a very simple concept. Think of it as getting a “buy 1 get 2” promotion at any store around you. You do have to keep your eye on things, as price boosts rarely last for long. Usually, bookmakers will only accept a limited number of bets on the selected market, to make sure the offer stays exclusive.

This also ensures that people are actively seeking for the offer the next time they want to bet. With sports betting at an all-time high, there’s no shortage of bonuses.

How Does A Price Boost Work?

A very simple example of how a price boost works is the following. Let’s say that Arsenal is playing against Manchester City. The odds on Arsenal winning the match are up from 1.8 to 2.5. A bookmaker has increased the odds on Arsenal winning, but only for a short time.

You practically ensure that the price boost gives odds back higher than the lay odds at the bookmaker. What makes these boosts great is that they are very easy to understand, and in many cases they can be used for some quick and easy profits, as long as you are lucky.

If you are interested in betting, price boosts are available for different sports such as football, horse racing etc. 

Some Things To Know About Price Boosts

Before deciding to go for a price boosts, there are some things that you should be aware of:

Price boosts last only for a short time: Most bookies usually keep their price boost offer for a very limited amount of time. Some even keep it limited to 1 hour tops. When that period of time passes, all odds are brought back to their original value.

They have a limit: price boosts very often also have a max stake limit. This means that when you try to place a bet on a match that has a price boost, you can expect a certain max stake limit will be imposed on the bet.

Lay price usually rises: When many people start laying the outcome due to the price boost given by the bookmaker, the price will slowly start to change. Due to the nature the betting exchange works, the price is very likely to rise.

How Do You Find a Price Boost?

Price boosts can usually be found in a place that is very easily accessible or easy to spot. They will either be publicly featured somewhere on the bookmaker’s website, or under the bonus tabs in your account panel or website.

Big football televised matches are usually a good spot for finding price boosts. Follow your favorite bookmakers on social media, they are very likely to heavily promote the offer before the big match is about to kick off.