Camille “siuhy” Skaradek is negotiating with MOUZ. Are we in for a sensational comeback?

Quite recently, the CS:GO World Championship in Paris ended, where in the final, esports fans sensationally saw the GamerLegion team, in which Camille “siuhy” Skaradek shone. This player made a great contribution to the overall success of the team and attracted the attention of not only the audience, but also other organizations that already now want to see “siuhy” in their roster. After the completion of the Major tournament, a serious struggle for the 20-year-old Polish player unfolded.

Esports bets are traditionally in demand at bookmakers, including Mostbet BR. Bettors love to bet on outsiders and win big money at high odds. The past Major gave such players great opportunities, including for those who bet on Kamil Skaradek’s individual performance. In this article, we will consider the issue of further continuation of the career of a 20-year-old talent.

Where will Kamil “siuhy” Skaradek continue his career?

Several professional organizations will review their rosters and decide if they want to make roster changes ahead of CS2’s worldwide release this summer. The timing for roster changes could not be better, as the next Major will be played in 2024. Despite rumors, GamerLegion has no plans to disband their roster, with the exception of Kamil Skaradek. The BLAST Paris Major runners-up want to stay in the top spots and believe they can keep the star players, including Ivan “iM” Mihai for CS2.

It is reported that the captain of the GamerLegion team may join G2. According to the German Cs Leaks insider, G2 are determined to get a talented esportsman, but it is not said who the player will replace in the organization. Fans and insiders speculate that Rasmus “Hooxi” Nielsen will leave the team, and “siuhy” will take his place. However, is it really so? The fact is that in addition to G2, other organizations are also interested in the player. One of them is MOUZ.

At Paris Major 2023, siuhy reached the final, where they lost to Team Vitality. In turn, G2 Esports left the tournament at the Legends stage.

Possible composition of G2 if the transfer of the Polish e-sportsman still takes place:

Ilya m0NESY Osipov;

Nikola Niko Kovacs;

Nemanja hunter Kovac;

Justin jks Savage;

Camille Siuhy Shkaradek;

Jan Swani Muller (coach).

As a reminder, Danish leader Nikolaj “niko” Christensen and OG parted ways on June 8, confirming the May 25 report. It is unclear who OG will replace him or if there will be more lineup changes. European team top player Shahar “flameZ” Shushan is also reportedly exploring his options.

How realistic are the prospects for Kamil “siuhy” Shkaradek to join MOUZ?

Dexerto’s Luis Mira believes that in the near future GamerLegion will start negotiations with MOUZ about the possible transfer of their captain. The journalist believes that the Polish esportsman is going to join the organization from Germany. If this transition takes place, then “siuhy” will return to his former team in less than 1 year after leaving. Recall that Camille has already performed as part of MOUZ from 2021 to 2022. At that time, he was the real leader of the MOUZ NXT academy and was able to achieve great success with the team, namely, 4 wins in the WePlay Academy League tournament.

The MOUZ Academy was like a springboard for talented players. At the same time, only 3 players from the Academy were able to get into the first team, and “siuhy” was forced to move to the GamerLegion team. By a happy coincidence, the player was able to become vice-champion of the world as part of this organization, proving his high professionalism. If the return transfer of Kamil to MOUZ does take place, then the 20-year-old esportsman will be able to reunite with Adam “torzsim” Torjas, John “JDC” De Castro, Dorian “xertioN” Berman and coach Dennis “sycron” Nielsen. Surprisingly, he performed with these partners at the team’s Academy.

Again, if the transfer of the player takes place, then the Polish esportsman will replace the Australian Chris “degster” Nong, who defended the colors of MOUZ for more than 2 years. At the time, degster was the true leader of the team and the mice could only win one trophy in an online tournament. The current year for the team was also not the most successful, because they could only make it to the finals of the IEM Dallas tournament. Fans of the team are already dreaming about the arrival of “siuhy”, because the player can be the missing element with which the organization will start to win.